We are there for you – no matter where you need us.

Kärcher means top performance – not only of our products, but also our service. As the largest cleaning machine manufacturer in the world we can be reached by our customers all over the globe in more than 190 countries and over 36,000 points of sale. In this way we ensure that you have nothing to worry about. Kärcher – a partner for professionals.

1. Planning
Kärcher also advises you on detailed projects and planning. We calculate which resources you need and what machines and equipment you should have.

2. Hotline
Friendly. Professional. Goal-oriented. Our hotline personnel are very familiar with all of our products in order to be able to provide you with expert advice on the telephone.

3. Service contracts
Top performance always: with our service contracts your Kärcher machines are always ready to use due to regular inspections, maintenance or a complete full-service package.

4. Application consultation
Our application consulting ensures that you always work with the most efficient solutions. Area, personnel and time frames are factors in determining your equipment.

5. Worldwide presence
Personal service is guaranteed by Kärcher. There is always a contact person nearby due to our worldwide service and sales network. For all questions regarding service, consultation or sales.

6. Technical training
Maximize the benefits for you. Our on-site technical training helps your personnel to clean everything as effectively as possible with our innovative machines.

7. We come to you
Through our service management system we save time and cut costs, and we can get to you in the quickest way possible. Regularly as part of our full service. And always whenever we are needed.

8. Warranty extension
A guaranteed long service life: safeguard your business and Kärcher machines in the best way possible – with our warranty extension or machinery breakdown insurance.

9. Leasing
Remain liquid and fully capable by leasing at low rates instead of making large investments. We even can include a maintenance contract, if you wish. We would be glad to consult you about your options.

10. Rental machines
Stay as flexible as the market – with our rental machines you can get machines at the actual times you need to use them. We would be glad to inform you about the possibilities.

11. Used machines
Machines in top condition – with the best conditions. It is not always worthwhile to purchase a new machine, which is why we offer you cost-effective used machines for economical project planning.