More than just products: a solution

ECO! cleaning. A complete system for optimising processes for cleaning buildings. Specially developed for improving performance, reducing costs and conserving the environment. With a demand-oriented cleaning system based on the basic three pillars: an effective operation concept, aligned equipment and easy-to-use software. All to provide an advantage to you: a lower use of resources, possible margin increases and longer customer retention due to increased transparency.


Dust and loose dirt

Even harmful and explosive dusts can be removed easily and safely with Kärcher’s wet and dry vacuums and industrial vacuums.

Greasy stains

Oil and grease residues can best be cleaned with our alkaline cleaning agents. Furthermore our special care products ensure a dirt-repelling protective film.

Food residues

With Kärcher dry ice or neutral cleaning and disinfection agents one can safely remove stubborn residues as well as bacteria and mould from sensitive surfaces.

Mineral stains

Acidic cleaners – e.g. our RM 59 ASF foam cleaner combined with our high-pressure machines effectively remove rust, scale, beer stone and milk stone.

Our products for office inventory

Manual cleaning
Vacuums and electric brooms
EB 30/1 Li-Ion

Our products for industry inventory

Polishing machines and scrubber driers
Sweepers and vacuum sweepers KM 130/300 R D
KM 150/500 R D
High-pressure cleaners
HD 10/16-4 Cage Ex
HD 10/15-4 Cage Food
HD 7/10 CXF
HD 9/18-4 ST
HDC Classic
HD 13/35-4 Cage
HD 9/50-4 Cage
HDS 9/14-4 ST
Industrial vacuums and dry ice units
NT 80/1 B1 M S
IV 60/36-3 W
IV 60/30
IV 100/55
PC 100 M2 Bio