Cleaning according to the house rules.

The kitchen is vitally important for the reputation of a restaurant operation. For official reasons as well, there is no room for doubt that kitchen and restaurant hygiene is the top priority. The Kärcher system offers all the machines, accessories and cleaning agents necessary to maintain stainless steel surfaces, ovens and floors in appetizingly clean condition.

Cordless occasional cleaning

The BR 30/4 C Bp cleans up minor messes quick as a flash. With cordless power instead of a nuisance cable. There is no risk of tripping or getting caught somewhere. Nevertheless, this scrubber drier has enough endurance for thorough cleaning.

Even the machine is hygienic

The HD 7/10 CX-F high-pressure cleaner is specifically designed for commercial kitchens. It has a food-grade high-pressure hose and abrasion-resistant grey wheels that leave no tracks.

For tough jobs

The NT 65/2 Ap is a high-performance, twin motor wet and dry vacuum for professional use. The flat pleated filter is efficiently cleaned by blasts of air for virtually constant suction power.

The lowest profile in its class

The BRS 40/1000 C scrubber is an all-round machine for all hard surfaces. Thanks to its extremely low-profile construction, it can also reach under shelves – an important factor for kitchen hygiene.

Putting on the pressure

It takes the concentrated force of a hot-water jet or steam jet to remove stubborn baked-on dirt. Tackle the job with Kärcher accessories for steam cleaners, including the detail nozzle, brass bristle brushes, and a cleaning cloth set.

Our products for kitchens, restaurants and dining areas

T 15/1 HEPA
CV 38/2 Adv
EB 30/1 Adv Li-Ion
NT 35/1 Ap
NT 70/2
Spray-extraction cleaners / Carpet cleaners
BRS 43/500 C
BRC 30/15 C
BRC 45/45 C
Steam cleaners
Scrubbers, scrubber driers
and single-disc machines

BR 30/4 C Bp Pack
BR 30/4 C Adv
BR 40/10C
BRS 40/1000 C
High-pressure cleaners
HD 7/10 CXF
HDS-E 8/16-4 M 24KW
KM 35/5 C
KM 75/40 W Bp Pack
Special products
ECO!Mop system