Only the best is good enough.

Guests come first. And guests want things clean and quiet – always and everywhere. Cleaning systems for indoor areas must therefore have special characteristics: they must be quiet, easy to transport, ergonomically designed, and usable even in small spaces. These characteristics also make these machines easier to use and more pleasant for the user.

Tip-top carpet appearance

Upright vacuum cleaners such as the
CV 38/2 combine vacuum with the power of an electrically driven brush. The effect: the pile is raised to allow the vacuum to remove dirt deep in the pile.

Because less is more

With the new T 12/1 eco!efficiency, the dirt doesn’t go in the bag, but in a robust container. It features a versatile and highly efficient filter system. After all, cleanliness matters, but so does hygiene.

Suction tube with extra long hose

The brush vacuum for all surfaces – the
CV 60/2 RS is a true all-rounder, as it automatically adjusts itself to every floor covering. From hard floors to carpet and vice versa – no manual adjustments are required.

The classic solution for edges and corners

This telescopic manual vacuum tube reaches the places the brush can’t reach. Overhead cleaning is made easy thanks to the flexible suction hose.

Take large areas in stride

Automatic carpet cleaners in the BRC series combine spray extraction with the mechanical action of roller brushes. They are ideal for wet interim cleaning and basic cleaning of large areas.

The upholstery master

Puzzi spray-extraction cleaners excel in upholstery cleaning with unbeatable extraction performance for extremely short drying times.

Remove lime and dirt without chemicals

The DE 4002 steam cleaner loosens stubborn lime and dirt in bathrooms without cleaning agents, and its ingenious two-tank system eliminates waiting times for water heating. The VapoHydro function allows the spray to be adjusted continuously from hot water to steam.

Tackle difficult vacuuming jobs

With its ergonomic strap system, the BV 5/1 backpack vacuum can be carried comfortably on the user’s back – ideal for cleaning, e.g. staircases or between narrow rows of seats. Also available as a battery-operated vacuum for even greater flexibility.

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