Powerful performance for all kinds of commercial vehicles.

A clean fleet – to keep the move. Kärcher offers optimal systems for quick, easy and efficient cleaning of commercial vehicles, for example, the Kärcher TB. The gantry wash system for efficient vehicle cleaning. Kärcher offers mobile singlebrush wash systems, suitable detergents and cost-saving water treatment systems. Kärcher meets all demands with ease.
Extremely fast cleaning

Extremely fast cleaning

The wash system for regular maintenance of various commercial vehicles. Easy to operate, modular and with reliable technology. The Kärcher TB – fast, thorough, efficient.
Profitability for small vehicle fleets

Profitability for small vehicle fleets

Simple, quick and economical: the RBS 6000 mobile singlebrush wash system. It is moved around the vehicle and the rotating brush effectively removes all dirt.
Cleaning couldn’t be more thorough

Cleaning couldn’t be more thorough

Effortlessly clean difficult to reach areas: Kärcher high-pressure cleaners are ideal for cleaning wheel arches, vehicle chassis and spaces between cabs and trailers.
The right accessories for every task

The right accessories for every task

Achieve more with Kärcher accessories, e.g. with the rotating wash brush. Driven by the power of the water jet, it gently removes fine dust and grime from all surfaces.

Our products for commercial vehicle cleaining

High-pressure cleaning
HD 6/16-4 MX Plus
HD 9/20-4 MX Plus
HD 13/18-4 S Plus
HD 13/18-4 SX Plus
HDS 9/18-4 M
HDS 9/18-4 MX
HDS 12/18-4 S
HDS 12/18-4 SX
HDS 13/20-4 S
HDS 13/20-4 SX
HDS 2000 Super
Vacuum cleaners
NT 65/2 Tact²
NT 70/2 Tc
NT 70/2
Vehicle wash systems
RBS 6000
Tank cleaning 
HDI 38/12 
SHD-R 3000 
HWE 4000 
HKF 50 
HKS 100 
HKF 200
Water recycling WRP 1000 Classic
Spray extraction cleaner / Carpet cleaner