For special applications: Kärcher solutions.

Kärcher offers special systems for planes, sea vessels or trains. Stubborn dirt is quickly removed. For example, with innovative ultra-high-pressure systems with up to 2,500 bar pressure or advanced ice blasters that are gentle on surfaces and hard on dirt. With Kärcher you are well equipped, even in extreme situations.
Ship and container cleaning

Ship and container cleaning

Whether algae or barnacles adhering to the hull or soiled containers on deck – the Kärcher UHP series gets everything shipshape in no time. Even rust can easily be removed with the appropriate cleaning devices and special nozzles.
Ready for take-off in no time

Ready for take-off in no time

Kärcher also offers innovative system solutions for gentle exterior and interior cleaning of planes.
One-stop solution for cleaning trains

One-stop solution for cleaning trains

Kärcher also offers a wide range of cleaning technologies for freight trains. The range includes high-performance machines, particularly gentle processes and extremely safe systems.

Our products for office cleaning

Sweepers and vacuum sweepers
KM 75/40 W Bp Pack
KM 35/5 C
Vacuum cleaners
T 7/1
T 10/1
CV 38/2
Scrubber driers
BRS 43/500 C
BRC 30/15 C
BR 30/4 C
BR 40/10C
BR 40/25 C Ep
Spray extraction cleaner / Carpet cleaner