The best cleaning systems for warehouses.

The area of logistics is very busy – with a high cleaning demand. Packaging residues, waste paper and vehicle tyre marks can be removed quickly and effortlessly with high-performance and robust Kärcher scrubber driers, vacuum sweepers and wet and dry vacuum cleaners. These compact machines are designed for easy manoeuvrability. Numerous variants are available – from battery-operated drives to canopies.
Safe in tight spaces

Safe in tight spaces

Safe cleaning in narrow aisles and between high-bay racking – not a problem for Kärcher machines. Compact machines ensure maximum manoeuvrability and canopies provide the necessary safety.
Conveyor systems

Conveyor systems

Conveyor systems are constantly in motion – and therefore also continually lead to soiling. Whether packaging materials, slips of paper or grit from containers: Kärcher machines, e.g. wet and dry vacuum cleaners quickly remove all unwanted material.
Cold storage

Cold storage

Sensitive hygienic areas require optimal consultation and a precise cleaning plan. Because bacteria, viruses and fungi are everywhere. With this in mind, Kärcher also offers HACCP certified cleaning systems. Your complete solution from one source.

Our products for storage area cleaning

Sweepers and vacuum sweepers
KM 70/30 C Bp Pack
KM 75/40 W Bp Pack
KM 85/50 W Bp Pack Adv
KM 100/100 R Bp Pack
KM 100/100 R Lpg
KM 120/150 R Lpg
KM 120/150 R Bp Pack
KM 130/300 R Bp Pack
KM 150/500 R Bp Pack
Vacuum cleaners
T 10/1
NT 35/1 Ap
NT 45/1 Tact
NT 45/1 Tact Te Ec
NT 55/1 Tact
NT 65/2 Tact²
NT 70/2 Tc
NT 70/2
NT 70/3
NT 70/3 Me Tc
NT 35/1 Tact Te M
Scrubber driers
B 90 R Classic Bp Pack