Cold water high pressure cleaners – a cold shower for stubborn dirt.

Clean machines, vehicles and buildings daily: with high pressure and a high flow rate. Cold water high-pressure cleaners remove even stubborn dirt and are Ideal for large areas.
Super class high-pressure cleaner

Super Class

Perfect for cleaning applications in construction, agriculture, industry and municipalities which call for the highest performance. The pressures, flow rates and equipment of the super class meet this demand.
Cleaning a car with cold water middle class high-pressure cleaner

Middle class

Well equipped for long and tough jobs: Cold water medium class, high-pressure cleaners effectively clean, vehicles, machines and premises quickly and reliably on a daily basis.
Cleaning a tractor with cold water compact class high-pressure cleaner

Compact class

Light and powerful: The all rounders of the compact class clean up courtyards and workshops quickly and efficiently. They also feature impressive pressures, flow rates and durability.