Hot water high pressure cleaners – improved performance with the same amount of pressure.

High pressure cleaners clean even better with hot water at the same amount of pressure. Kärcher machines are convenient to use and feature state-of-the-art technology.
Hot water super class high-pressure cleaner

Super class

Whether it’s in the automotive industry, agriculture, construction or shipping: The mobile super class brings an even higher performance to places that otherwise would require stationary cleaning.
Hot water high-pressure cleaner middle class

Middle class

Whatever the business or industry: The medium-duty class combines innovative technology and maximum convenience of use. Ideal for even the highest of cleaning demands.
Cleaning with hot water high-pressure cleaner

Compact class

Innovative technology – easy handling: The impressive features of the compact class include single-button control, chassis with integrated tank and high pressure hose reel.
Special high-pressure cleaner for special areas

Electrically heated

When exhaust fumes are an issue or prohibited, e.g. in hospitals, canteens, kitchens, or in public areas, this exhaust-free high-pressure cleaner with electrical heating is ideal.
Cleaning with a high-pressure washer with combustion engine

With combustion engine

Ideal for cleaning applications where there is no power supply available, these high-pressure cleaners with combustion engines guarantee the highest level of flexibility and independence.