Thanks to innovative filter technology, Kärcher offers optimised solutions for versatile applications in contract cleaning, trade and industry with its choice of wet, dry or brush-type upright vacuums.
Wet and dry vacuum cleaner for all types of dirt

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Indispensible: wet and dry vacuum cleaners can take on all types of dirt regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors, dry, damp, or liquid.
Special safety vacuum systems

Safety vacuum systems

Special Kärcher vacuum cleaners guarantee the elimination of dust to prevent it from damaging anyone's health.
Firemen cleaning with special vacuum cleaner

Special vacuum cleaners

Special equipment for bakers and the fire department: wet and dry vacuum cleaners with heat-resistant accessories or connections that are compatible with C couplings
Dry vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning

Dry vacuum cleaners

Developed to meet the requirements of contract cleaners and hotels, Kärcher's small mobile dry vacuums are ideal for daily maintenance cleaning.
Cordless broom for quick cleaning

Cordless brooms

Perfect for those quick in-between cleanups in offices, shops, bars and restaurants. It operates so quietly it is ideal for day time cleaning.