Clean technology for a better future

Sustainability and environmental protection are deeply anchored in Kärcher's corporate philosophy and actions. This is evident in Kärcher's extraordinarily energy-efficient steam cleaners. Furthermore the units also provide outstanding cleaning power and user-friendly handling. Another example of sustainable quality that set standards.

Save water

The responsible use of water is always becoming increasingly important. Cleaning with a steam cleaner requires only 1 litre of water to generate 1,700 litres of steam. This is enough to clean a floor of approx. 60m². If you would have normally needed 5 litres of water with a mop and bucket, this would mean an 80% reduction in water consumption with the steam cleaner.
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Energy efficiency

Thanks to Kärcher's innovative floor nozzle featuring lamella technology, our steam cleaners achieve significantly better results than steam cleaners that use bristles. A 25% better result can be achieved in the same amount of time. In this way you save pure energy when cleaning.
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Exemplary recyclability

All Kärcher units are over 90 % recyclable, including the entire steam cleaner range.
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No waste water contamination

Whether floors, tiled walls, windows, sinks or fixtures – Kärcher steam cleaners quickly and reliably clean just about any household surface in a gentle and environmentally friendly manner. Without having to rely on any cleaning agents or chemicals. Simply clean!
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