What Grandmother never knew.

Rugged DIY multi-purpose vacuums: These versatile units are ideal for all tough cleaning jobs: Decoration, Car, Workshop and Household.
Vacuum cleaner on the carpet

Vacuum cleaner

1A suction power, QuickClick nozzle change system, EasySlider guide around obstacles: Kärcher vacuum cleaners set new standards with their extraordinarily convenient features.
Water filter vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner with water filter

A boon for allergy sufferers: Nothing but clean air comes out of the Kärcher water filter vacuum! The additional HEPA 12 filter even binds microscopic particles.
Wet and dry vacuum cleaner for all kinds of dirt

Multi-purpose vacuum cleaners

A match for any type of dirt: the Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaners are ideal for car interior cleaning, workshops, garages, cellars, outside areas and renovation.
Hygienic cleaning of carpets

Hard floor and carpet cleaner

Hygienic cleaning for carpets, hard floors, upholstery and matresses: Kärcher spray extraction cleaners spray cleaning liquid – and vacuum it back in along with dirt.


Who cleans your floors when you are not there? The RoboCleaner detects and avoids obstacles and independently returns to its station to recharge its batteries and empty out dirt.
Drill-dust catcher

Drill-dust catcher

Kärcher's drilling dust catcher adheres to all common surfaces with the vacuum stick function, and it catches the drilling dust of all types of drills up to a drill bit size of 10 mm.
Ash and dry vacuum cleaner

Ash and dry vacuum cleaner

The new ash and dry vacuum cleaner from Kärcher removes ash from stoves, sauna ovens and grills safely and easily.