The high-pressure cleaners of the Kärcher eco!ogic series


The eco!ogic series - exemplary water savers

The eco!ogic tools in proven Kärcher quality are market leaders in terms of ecology. They give you the opportunity to use as little water as necessary thus reducing the overall water consumption. Innovative engineering and intelligent solutions allow the exemplary use of resources. The plastic components of the eco!ogic series consist of approx. 60% recycled materials and are free of phthalates and PVC. The packaging is made of FSC cardboard. We resolutely refrain from using polystyrene stuffing.

ecologic high pressure cleaner Kärcher

Saving water

With a turn of a button you can select the Eco mode on K 3 to K 7 models and use up to 20 % less water. The Eco mode is ideal for jobs requiring less water — such as cleaning cars, bicycles, or garden furniture. Even the K 2 is fit for saving water: Due to its optimized jet technology 10 % less water is used during cleaning compared with a standard jet pipe.
ecologic saving water symbol

Saving electricity

Due to Eco mode the energy savings for models K 3 to K 7 amount to 20 %. The user decides for himself if and when he selects the Eco mode to save water. But even the K 2 saves electricity: 10 % for each cleaning job. The optimized jet technology makes it possible.
saving electricity symbol

Responsible selection of materials

Kärcher gives great emphasis to the careful selection of materials, pays attention to their environmental friendliness, and avoids ecologically harmful and health hazardous materials like phthalates and PVC.

Environmentally compatible use of materials

Almost 60 % of the plastics used in Kärcher products are derived from recycling. The packaging consists of FSC cardboard and recycled materials without using polystyrene. The other 50 % are derived from sustainable forestry.  The tensides contained in Kärcher eco!ogic cleaning agents consist 100 % of renewable resources and are free of crude oil.


Maximum efficiency

Like all Kärcher high-pressure cleaners the eco!ogic models K 3 - K 7 are also equipped with patented Kärcher jet technology perfectly attuned to the pumps. Kärcher cleaners therefore make a valuable contribution to the responsible use of precious resources. In comparison with competitors Kärcher products captivate by their higher removal rate and cleaning efficiency. In plain text: Cleaning is up to 50 % faster — therefore saving up to 50 % energy and water. Remarkable benefits scientifically confirmed by the renowned and independent Fraunhofer Institute.

Well cooled at all times

The classes K 3 – K 7 of the Kärcher eco!ogic series are equipped with innovatively engineered water-cooled motors. Constant cooling makes these products particularly long lasting.
water cooled motor symbol