Powerful environmentalists

The new Kärcher eco!ogic series wet & dry vacuum cleaners present themselves as thoroughly sustainable and environmentally friendly: They consume less energy while delivering the same power. They run more quietly. They are free of PVC and phthalates and highly recyclable. In brief: With the new products of the eco!ogic series Kärcher enhances the responsible and considerate use of resources. Now anyone can make an ecologically sensible contribution to a clean future.

Vacuuming as with 1400 W

With 1000 W the eco!ogic models from Kärcher provide the same cleaning results as 1400 W standard models, while saving 25 % energy at the same time. The models WD 5.800 and WD 7.800 even allow users to choose between two energy-saving Eco! modes with different suction strengths. Depending on the degree of soiling he may decide which suction strength he should apply.
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Selective choice of materials

Kärcher gives great emphasis to the careful selection of materials, pays attention to their environmental friendliness, and avoids materials like phthalates and PVC.
 ecologic wet & dry vacuum cleaner

Environmentally compatible use of materials

Reflecting our responsible use of resources all models of the eco!ogic series are almost completely recyclable. In addition, 15 % recycled materials are used during the course of production for the sake of the environment. The packaging consequently avoids using
polystyrene. The packaging contains 50 % recycled materials. The remaining 50 % are derived from sustainable forestry.
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Quiet, quieter, eco!ogic series

The models of the Kärcher eco!ogic series are specially insulated to significantly reduce operating noise.

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