Application: combined road-rail-ship transport
Equipment: central manhole on top, air gap on one side on the bottom of the container base
Contamination: liquid and solid substances; hazardous materials and food
Cleaning: before every filling except repeated filling with only one medium (dedicated transports)
Before regular maintenance every 2.5 or 5 years

Kärcher's modular system solution for the cleaning of 20" containers is based on standard components:

System configuration::   
  •     Cleaning heads for 200 bar operating pressure
  •     Water temperatures up to 90 °C   
  •     Alkaline and acidic cleaning agents
  •     Steam for heating and gas venting
  •     Hot air for drying
  •     Supplementary equipment for IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container)
  •     Trigger gun operation: cleaning of dome covers and air gaps
  •     HP cleaning agent dosing: use of abrasive cleaning agents
  •     Drying: air circulation drying using a fan or hot air drying
  •     2. High pressure interior cleaning head: increased capacity or cleaning line for food
Example Space Technology
(Hot water generators)Example Space Technology
(Hot water generators)

Hot water generated when needed

Switching on units for producing warm water, hot water and steam when needed lowers energy consumption and costs.