Definition: barrels with a diameter of up to 750 mm, regardless of the form.
liquid and solid substances; hazardous materials and food
before every time filled or as necessary
open containers without an air gap

Set up, connect, ready to go. No difficult installation required. And if necessary it can easily be set up at another location.

Kärcher's modular system solution for cleaning barrels is based on standard components.

System configuration::
  • Cleaning heads for 200 bar operating pressure
  • Water temperatures up to 90 °C   
  • Alkaline and acidic cleaning agents

Example of a Special Application: Cleaning of Barrique Barrels

Kärcher has developed a special system of high-pressure cleaners, barrel cleaners and accessories for the professional cleaning of high-quality oak barrels. The innovative system works with pure water and therefore is particularly environmentally friendly and economical. This type of cleaning maintains the value and re-usability of the barrels while meeting all hygienic requirements.