Definition: cleaning of stationary production and mixing tanks in circular flow operation
mobile HP pump + circulation tank
residues of e.g. granules, pigments, water-insoluble products
Cleaning: after every time emptied in the production process. Mandatory when changing colours
Container dimensions: Icapacity of up to 10,000 l

This  circuit container serves purposes of sedimentation and filtering of wash particles in the chemical and paint industries. Suitable for media that contain solvents and circuit operation.

The Kärcher solution for cleaning production and mixing tanks is a modular system based on standard components:
  •    Interior cleaners HKF50 P, HKS100 or HKF200 P up to 50 bar
  •    Solvent operation in the circulation
  •    Circulation tank
  •    Filtering of up to 50 micrometres

Mobile Hochdruck-Reinigungseinheit SHD-R 3000 FLM

Die mobile Hochdruck-Reinigungseinheit SHD-R 3000 FLM verfügt über einen
in Höhe und Neigung verstellbaren Teleskop- Ausleger mit Innenreiniger.
Abgebildet ist ein auf Kundenwunsch angepasster Innenreinigungskopf und
Ausleger in Sonderlänge.