container cleaning systems for the interior cleaning of reactor vessels with contamination from silicon products.
open reactors without an air gap
systems for the extraction of silicon

Professional, cost-efficient cleaning system for cleaning process containers:
cleaning, drying, filter station. The cleaning agent is put into the circuit and re-used.

The compact container cleaning system for cleaning reactor vessels essentially consists of Kärcher standard components.

Description of the system:
  •  Interior cleaner
  •  Batch basin for explosion-proof areas
  •  Circulation basin
  •  Hot air for drying
  •  Remote control

Simple operation:
Operation using  the touchpad is intuitive and clear due to the plain text display. Just as are status queries and the setting of parameters.


 Video polysilicon container cleaning 

  • Integrated industrial cleaning device guarantees a reliable cleaning result
  • Ready-for-use concept or delivery equipment
  • Experience from systems installed worldwide
  • Cleaning medium (NaOH) is circulated in a closed circuit
  • Professional cleaning of Bell jars
  • Compact construction, in part for explosion-proof areas
  • Automatic cleaning device, no personnel necessary
  • Easy adaptation of the programmed cleaning process on the control panel according to  the customer's needs
  • Parts in contact with media are made of stainless steel, PTFE sealing technology