Companies in the following fields in particular benefit from Kärcher know-how:

Transport logistics

  • Shipping
  • Silo transport companies
  • Bulk goods and packaged goods transport companies
  • Heavy load transport companies like concrete, cement, asphalt and refuse transport companies
  • Storage and consignment companies

Food industry

  • Dairies
  • Manufacturers of raw ingredients such as oil, fat, glucose, starch, chocolate and sugar
  • Protein and dietary supplement producers
  • Drink and comestible goods finished product manufacturers such as breweries, juice producers or animal feed producers

Chemical industry and trade

  • Medicine producers / pharmaceutical industry
  • Paint and dye manufacturers
  • Metal and timber industries
  • Mineral oil companies
  • Synthetics and adhesives manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of building materials and concrete

Types of contamination

Depending on the type and form of contamination Kärcher provides customer-oriented interior cleaning systems for tanks, silos and containers of every kind.

Cleaning media::
  • Fluid and paste-like products (such as food, oil, grease, and chemical products)
  • Water and aqueous solutions(alkaline, acidic)
  • Bulk solids
  • Osmosis water
  • Gases
  • Lyes, acids and solvents
They are used in numerous fields of application.