Water dispenser WPD


Your WPD. As individual as you are.

Never before have you had so much freedom when configuring your water dispenser. The new configurable WPD water dispenser meets the latest customer requirements. Start enjoying water exactly the way you want it.

Cooling as required

Three different cooling classes to choose from: WPD 100 for up to 50 people, WPD 200 for up to 100 people and WPD 600 for more than 100 people.

Effective filter combinations

Compile your filter package in line with your personal requirements: choose between the Active-Pure filter, Hy-Protect filter, Hy-Pure filter or UV Protect.

Different types of water

Depending on the electronics package, the unit can provide six different types of water: ambient, chilled, sparkling and extra sparkling, hot and extra hot.

Precise water dispensing

Water can be dispensed in precise steps: Choose from S for small, L for medium-sized and XL for large containers.

Quick diagnosis

Kärcher Fleet Services has set up M2M communication (Machine-to-Machine) to enable direct communication between the WPD and your PC/smartphone. This enables you to react quickly to problems and helps to avoid additional servicing work.

Individual front design

The glass panel can be customised with the customer’s choice of design (e.g. company’s CI colours) or can be used as advertising space.

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