Takes the hassle out of in-warranty service

We employ the highest quality standards in our manufacturing processes, which enables us to offer the best warranty in the industry. An innovative feature of our warranty is the Rapid Exchange Program.

What is the Rapid Exchange Program?

The Rapid Exchange Program bypasses the hassles of a traditional repair program by providing a quick and free replacement for a pressure washer that requires in-warranty repairs. Instead of waiting weeks for your pressure washer to be repaired, you will be up and running again with the least possible amount of downtime.

Which pressure washers are eligible?

To take advantage of the Rapid Exchange Program, your pressure washer must meet the following criteria:
  • It must be a Kärcher electric pressure washer with a model number beginning with K2, K3 or K5 (example: K2.425, K3.690, K5.540).
  • It must have been purchased new from an authorized retailer.
  • Note! Kärcher pressure washers purchased through online auctions, swap/flea markets and other second- and third-party markets are not eligible for the program
  • It must have been used exclusively for residential cleaning. Kärcher electric pressure washers used for commercial cleaning are ineligible.
  • It must be within the covered warranty period
  • It must be accompanied by proof of purchase. Valid forms of proof of purchase include legible copies (fax) of the original sales or gift receipt, or credit card statement.

How does the Rapid Exchange Program work?

Kärcher will replace your pressure washer with an equivalent new pressure washer. In the event that we do not have a replacement model that exactly matches your model, a comparable or upgraded unit in performance and value from our current product range will be sent to you. This program is provided at no additional cost to you.

How do I participate in the Rapid Exchange Program?

If you believe your Kärcher electric pressure washer requires warrantied repairs and meets all of the above criteria, please call 1-800-537-4129 to speak with a customer care specialist. The specialist will ask you a series of questions and determine your eligibility to participate into the Rapid Exchange Program.

What happens after my request is approved?

  1. A rapid exchange number will be issued. This enables us to keep together all information pertaining to your exchange and gives you a reference number for future inquiries. You will be sent an email with the rapid exchange number along with a Rapid Exchange Form.
  2. Follow the directions on the form which include attaching the silver sticker label from your pressure washer as well as a copy of your proof of purchase showing the date and place of purchase. You may send this form back to us electronically or via postal mail
  3. A replacement pressure washer will be shipped out to you as soon as we receive and verify the information with the form. Please allow seven to ten days for delivery.
  4. Be sure to inspect your replacement pressure washer as soon as you receive it and notify us if anything is missing, damaged or not working properly due to shipping.
  5. Enjoy your newly received pressure washer! For added peace of mind, any remaining time on your original warranty will be applied to your replacement pressure washer. For example, if you bought a pressure washer on January 1 with a one-year warranty and exchanged it with the Rapid Exchange Program on July 15, the replacement pressure washer would be covered until December 31, the expiration date of your original warranty.

Why are gasoline pressure washers not eligible for the Rapid Exchange Program?

Most shipping companies have strict regulations regarding the shipment of items that have contained gasoline. Gasoline pressure washers that require in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs should be taken to one of our authorized independent service centers.

This program sounds great, but it must be expensive. How can you offer it?

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best cleaning experience possible. We feel the investment in this program will be rewarded with your satisfaction and peace of mind. You can purchase a Kärcher pressure washer with the confidence that you will experience the least possible downtime in the unlikely event that your pressure washer should require warrantied repairs.