Deer and Fish Take Shape

"Is the contrast between cleaned and dirty surface sufficient enough to make the Wild-Wechsel motive clearly visible?", did Klaus Dauven ask himself up to yesterday. Indeed it is, and even entirely excellent! The artist is glad that drawing with high-pressure cleaners is working so well. By end of Monday evening the 15 metres sized squirrel was already completed.

Today the team is expected to manage up to the fourth of twelve sections which the 8,000 square metres sized picture is divided in. "Just right now we are working at the middle part of the deer and the fish", says the Technical Manager Thorsten Möwes who also takes the rope and high-pressure cleaner by himself in order to bring forward the project as fast as possible (see picture). Three Kärcher cleaning machines HD 10/25 and more than 500 metres of cable for the power supply meanwhile are on the crest. Up to 100 metres long hoses connect the high-pressure lances with the machines and thus enable the actors to reach every spot of the 59 metres high dam.

Yesterday the conditions have been almost perfect but today the team has to stand fog and temperatures just slightly above freezing point, and the wind is blowing extremely sharp at the dam. Despite of that more and more spectators arrive at the Oleftal dam in Hellenthal. At first, however, many assumed that the local papers did an April Fool's joke when announcing this project...