Sketching 50 metres up

It’s done: The contours of the stag, perch and pike have been traced. "It is not that easy to draw the five meter high muzzle of a stag," declares Klaus Dauven. Instead of a pen, he is using the fan jet of an HD 10/25 high-pressure washer that delivers a pressure of up to 250 bar. Normally, a professional Kärcher unit of this kind (see picture) is used for removing stubborn dirt and stains on building sites and farms.

Klaus Dauven works on the stag while standing on a platform suspended at a height of 50 metres and at a distance of only one to two metres from the dam wall. A few yellow dots and the picture in his head are all that he has for orientation. Next to him is Wolfgang Hörnchen from the Eifel-Rur water board who is fascinated by the smooth progress of the work. A doe is on the agenda today - it is more than 30 metres tall.

The reactions are positive whenever the team talk to the people of Hellenthal and the environs. The staff in the camera shop, for example, who prepare the pictures for tomorrow’s press conference, use their free Wednesday afternoon to follow operations on the spot.