Cultural monuments

Kärcher has carried out restorative cleaning of more than 80 buildings and monuments in the last twenty years, thereby helping to preserve significant works of art. Since 2000, application technician Thorsten Möwes has specialised in this type of sponsored activity.

One spectacular project was the restorative cleaning in 2005 of the presidents’ faces carved into Mount Rushmore in the United States. The team around Thorsten Möwes abseiled down the presidents’ faces and, using only clean water and high pressure, removed lichen, algae and mosses that in the long term would have damaged the underlying rock. Kärcher agreed to sponsor this important monument and will continue to carry out regular inspections and cleaning.

In 2003, Möwes removed harmful dirt layers from the Colossi of Memnon in Luxor, Upper Egypt, which are more than 3,300 years old. The technique employed was particle blasting. The dirt crust is removed layer by layer, using compressed air and blasting agent, both of which can be regulated to exact requirements on the blasting gun. Last year, Kärcher supported several small projects, including the cleaning of the monument to Martin Luther in Worms, Germany, and of Nelson’s Column in London, England. It was also involved in restoring the Bridge of Lies in Sibiu, Romania.

All works are carried out in close collaboration with restorers, conservationists and scientists, paying special attention to preserving the original substance. Kärcher offers a wide range of products for monument-friendly refurbishment of buildings, high and ultra-high pressure cleaners, particle blasting systems, vacuums, steam cleaners, dry ice blasting machines and cleaning agents.