The Eifel National Park

Some unexpected onlookers have been following events at the reservoir since the very first day. The team around Klaus Dauven and Thorsten Möwes could hardly believe their eyes when they noticed really big vultures and eagles circling above them. However, the sight is not so unusual when you realise that a 65-hectare game reserve with a centre for birds of prey is right next door. Anyway, these “prisoners on day release” with their several-metre wingspans seem to enjoy the change.
Among other animals, the reserve is home to red deer, wild boar, mouflons, lynx, raccoon and owls. Last year, a reserve for brown bears was created in a wooded ravine. The Oleftal Dam is in Hellenthal in the 100-square-kilometre Eifel National Park, which was established in 2004 as part of the German-Belgian Nature Park and which includes rare habitats for numerous flora and fauna.

Artist Klaus Dauven deliberately chose the “Wildwechsel” (Wildlife Variations) motif. “The interplay between forest animals and fish goes very well with the surrounding national park and the lake,” he said. One of the birds featured is a kite, which ought to please the birds of prey from next door.