Team makes good progress

After the Easter break today's workings with the high-pressure cleaner are proceeding speedily. The artist Klaus Dauven and the team is highly motivated and goes on very enthusiastic. Up to now everything is going like clockwell.

The team members did not rope down to the wall via the balustrade for the workings at the middle part of the dam since there are two spillways. If they did it this way they should have floated free on the rope what means a too complicated working with the high-pressure cleaner. "Instead of this we simply opened the manwhole cover and roped down directly from there", said Thorsten Möwes, technical project manager of Kärcher. "This way the distance to the dam remains that close that you can keep ground with your feet".

In the afternoon the workings leftmost the dam have begun with fish and fox. The "Wild-Wechsel" then will be continued towards the middle of the dam on Wednesday.