Pure pleasure through fine filters.

All WPD 100 models (including the standard version) are equipped with our Hy-Protect Filter. Thanks to this ultra-filtration feature the WPD 100 delivers perfectly clean water without the addition of chemicals - every single day. This is possible because the fine-pore filter membrane securely holds back all bacteria and viruses.

The purer the finer
Superior water quality is noticeable by its exquisite taste. Any additional flavours can be perceived as disturbing the fine natural taste of the water. Kärcher’s water dispenser WPD 100 therefore comes with a second filter for removing unwanted substances: The Active-Pure Filter removes chlorine (which in some waterworks is added for reasons of hygiene) as well as any heavy metals that may have accumulated in the domestic water pipes.

Hy-Protect Filter *

For hygienically clean water
  • Protection against bacteria and germs
Active-Pure Filter **

For a better taste

  • Removal of chlorine
  • Protection against contaminations from domestic supply pipes (e.g. copper or lead piping)
Heavy metals    
* Standard feature in all WPD 100 models.
** Can be added as required or desired.