2004 – First acquisitions of competitors

In North America Kärcher manages to become the market leader in the area of high-pressure cleaning and cleaning textile floor coverings with the takeover of two competitors. From 2011 further acquisitions serve to bring specialist knowledge to the company, for example in the area of municipal cleaning requirements or industrial cleaning.

2005 – Foundation of Kärcher Futuretech

A separate department for the special customers business segment – the military market, as well as the area of civil defence and disaster control – had been created back in the 1970s. Owing to the steady growth of the department within the company, in 2005 the independent subsidiary Kärcher Futuretech is founded, which still has close links to Kärcher.


2007 – Entry into the garden business segment

The delivery of water is the focus of the garden business segment. In 2007 Kärcher enters this market with 22 pump models for private households. In addition to pumps, today the range also includes hoses, trigger guns, sprinklers and watering systems.


2007 – Synonym for high-pressure cleaning

The French dictionary "Le Petit Robert" lists the generic term "le karcher" as a synonym for a high-pressure cleaner. In the German dictionary "Duden" the term "kärchern" is subsequently added as a synonym for cleaning with high pressure.

2008 – Launch of the first window vac

With the introduction of the first window vac, WV 50, Kärcher closes a gap in the market and successfully establishes a machine for cleaning windows. To date the window vac has more than 21 million satisfied customers.


2011 – Ecological campaign

In 2011 the first resource-friendly ranges are launched on the market. The devices consume less energy and water, are made from recycled material and are at least 90 percent recyclable.

2011 – Cooperation with SOS Children's Villages

Since 2011 Kärcher has been sponsoring SOS Children's Villages with its own technology and expertise. As a cooperation partner, we help provide a happy home for disadvantaged children and young people all over the world.


2011 – Expansion of the cleaning portfolio

In 2011 the 50th sales company is founded in Kazakhstan. In the same year Kärcher takes over Belos (municipal equipment), Ringler (industrial vacuums) and WOMA (high-pressure technology). The highly specialised cleaning solutions of the companies complement the portfolio for customers from the municipalities, industry and construction areas.


2013 – Yellow becomes anthracite

Another change in the corporate colour. Since 2013 the machines for professional use have been anthracite, not yellow. This makes it easier to distinguish them from the products for private users, which are still yellow. Anthracite also fits into the environment discreetly and is less sensitive to dirt.


2015 – New brand identity and 500th Kärcher Centre

In 2015 Kärcher develops a new corporate design. The appearance of the brand is strong, refreshing and straightforward, the logo has a modern font and is easier to read, especially on screens. In the same year the 500th Kärcher Centre opens its doors in Saigon, Vietnam.

2016 – Connected Cleaning

With Connected Cleaning, the Kärcher Fleet and Kärcher Manage fleet management systems are merged. Combined by software, these modules generate effective synergies: manual cleaning and machines, operation sites, operational planning, reporting and services - the entire infrastructure of the cleaning fleet can be controlled.

2017 – In-house IT consulting

In 2017 Kärcher sets up its own IT consulting firm, Zoi TechCon GmbH. As a young employer in central Stuttgart, with sites in Berlin and Lisbonand, the company focuses on the development of digital solutions, cloud transformation and electrical engineering.


2018 – Second marketing award

In 2018 Kärcher receives the German Marketing Award for the second time – unique in the history of the award. The award acknowledges the successful branding work of the last 10 years. An integrated marketing concept and the use of corresponding marketing instruments and technologies are decisive for the award.


2018 – Highest turnover ever

In 2018 Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG achieved a turnover of 2,525 billion Euro, the highest in its history. For the first time over 13,000 employees are employed in 120 companies and 70 countries. Over 50,000 service outlets ensure uninterrupted supplies to customers all over the world.

2019 – Investment in the future

Kärcher strengthens its digital product portfolio by the acquistion of the Berlin start-up "SoniQ Services". With the service platform "SQ ONE" service providers for building cleaning can digitally map all business processes and work more efficiently.


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