Clean windows: the ultimate house cleaning achievement

Large windows, and large numbers of them, flood a home with light and make it feel inviting. Rain, pollen and fine dust, however, quickly make them dirty and dull the view. On the inside, windows also have a lot to contend with; children and pets in particular often leave behind prints and blotches on the window pane. These tips will help you clean your windows without leaving behind any streaks.h these tips.


Window Vac

Preparation is everything

In order for the window panes to remain sparkling clean, several factors need to be considered.

  • Windows should never be cleaned in direct sunlight. If you do this, the cleaning agent solution dries on the window pane too quickly and leaves behind unsightly streaks.
  • If too much cleaning agent is used in the solution, a greasy film can form on the window. Therefore, always use cleaning agent or glass cleaner sparingly.

When cleaning the windows, don't forget the frames. After all, they are exposed to the elements just like the window panes.

1. Remove coarse dirt with a hand brush or a dry cloth.

2. Then thoroughly clean with a wet cloth or a soft sponge.

3. When selecting a detergent, consider the material the frame is made of:

  • For wood, there are care agents which protect it from weathering.

  • Plastic frames can be cleaned with anti-static cleaners which are specifically designed for plastic.

window cleaning classic

The traditional way

  1. Thoroughly wash the window down with a sponge or a lint-free cloth and lukewarm water with a little detergent.
  2. Wipe down the liquid in figure-of-eight movements from the top to the bottom and mop it up with a cloth.
  3. Using a chamois leather, microfibre cloth or tea towel, polish the window pane and remove the last few drops of water.
window vac

Achieving the perfect shine with technology

  1. Spray on the detergent with the spray bottle.
  2. Loosen coarse dirt with the integrated microfibre cloth.
  3. Vacuum up the moisture using the window vac. This device is also suitable for high windows. With a telescopic lance, it is possible to make even hard-to-reach window panes shine like new.

The complete package: curtains and blinds

Anyone who wants to give their windows a thorough clean not only cleans the frames and window panes, but also gives the curtains a good wash and dusts the inside of the blinds.

  • After spin-drying the curtains, hang them straight back on the rail – this means you will not have to iron them, depending on the material.
  • Remove all dust from the blinds with a damp cloth. Cleaning them with a silicone dough scraper wrapped in a microfibre cloth is also highly effective.
  • A practical alternative for achieving clean blinds is using a steam cleaner, such as the SC 3 from Kärcher.


Other glass surfaces around the house

If you're at it already, the window vac might as well help take care of any other glass surfaces. Here too it proves to be a loyal cleaning assistant:

  • Car windows

  • Shower cabins

  • Wall tiles

  • Mirrors

  • Glass tables

  • Glass doors

  • Display cabinets




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