Production of baked goods and confectionery

Here fine ‰our dust, stubborn encrustations and sticky pastry and confectionary leftovers accumulate. Our individual dust removal systems, mobile vacuum cleaners with special oven accessories as well as dry ice remove these residues and therefore solve your problems.



Much more than simply vacuuming

So that you can overcome various types of dirt such as fine flour and sugar dust, sticky pastry and confectionary leftovers or stubborn encrustations, we offer you the complete range of cleaning solutions in the Kärcher System.


From delivery of the raw materials right up to dispatch by vehicle. For flour silos without integrated cleaning systems, you can choose one of our modular system solutions for tank and silo cleaning, which we can adapt to your individual requirements.

Pastry and confectionary processing

Our tailor-made dust vacuuming units suck up flour and sugar dust directly at the source, meaning other units are not made dirty and your production line runs seamlessly and without any downtime. You can also use our mobile vacuum cleaner for dust classes L/M/H as well as for potentially explosive atmospheres (Zone 22).


Thanks to our Oven Set, you no longer need to allow hot ovens to cool down before cleaning. The plastic container is acid, lye and heatresistant.

Cleaning without water

Conveyor belts, installations with electrical components and all areas which must be dry cleaned or are a direct part of the production process can be freed of stubborn dirt with dry ice – and all without a single drop of water. No dismantling is necessary, as the process involves using compressed air to discharge pellets of carbon dioxide frozen at -79 °C. When these pellets come into contact with the surface to be cleaned, the surface will cool and the protective film will melt away. The pellets disappear quickly and you can simply vacuum up the dirt.



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