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Prevention is better than repair. With regular professional inspections and services, you can reduce the likelihood of your machine breaking down to a minimum. Our service packages can help you with this, from high-pressure cleaners to washing bays. Each service package is tailored to specific requirements, from a straightforward safety inspection as part of those required by law, to servicing and the flat-rate full service package. Our service contracts are particularly suitable if your machines are in use for less than 250 hours per year. If your machines are in use more frequently, we recommend our full service contracts.

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Service packages

Benefits of service packages:

  • Machine downtimes are minimised
  • Ensures highest level of reliability and operational safety of the machine
  • Value retention and increased service life of the machine
  • Regular safety inspections required by law
  • Original Kärcher spare parts and accessories are used
  • Quick response times
  • Trained and experienced Kärcher service technicians
  • Services are planned by Kärcher, meaning none of your time is taken up
  • Any number of inspections/services can be stipulated in the inspection/service contract
  • Costs can be planned and calculated
  • Discounts on all spare parts and accessories orders (via service), regardless of whether a technician has been called out or not
  • Reduced operating costs

Our service packages at a glance



1. Safety Inspection

A must for any industry professional: Included in the Kärcher "Safety Inspection" service package are machine inspection and the legally prescribed safety checks in accordance with the BGV, together with inspection plates and test records showing the condition of the machine.

2. Inspection

The checks that a machine needs: The Kärcher "Inspection" service package includes, in addition to the services featured in the Safety Inspection package, replacement and disposal of spare parts and fuels in accordance with the service plan. Any materials used are charged separately.

3. Service

The alternative to Inspection: Unlike in the Inspection service package, all of the spare parts listed in the service specifications are replaced as a preventative measure by our service technician as part of the service. Included in the package are the spare parts listed in the service specifications and a 24-month extended warranty.

4. Service Plus 

Maximum safety as part of the service contract: in addition to servicing, the Kärcher "Service Plus" service package includes replacement of wear parts (without batteries) by our service technician as part of the service. This package is only available from Kärcher.

5. Full Service 

Service for increased availability of your machines: With the Kärcher "Full Service" service package you receive full servicing and additionally all services required to ensure the safe, economical and reliable operation of the relevant machine. Spare parts and an extended warranty up to 60 months are also included.

6. Full Service Plus 

For maximum safety: the Kärcher "Full Service Plus" service package provides you with genuine full service including complete cost control. The package includes all spare and wear parts, batteries and an extended warranty up to 60 months.


Cleaning technology

1. Inspection

Checks that your system needs: the "Inspection" service package from Kärcher includes system inspection and safety checks according to the manufacturer's specifications, with a test record showing the condition of the system. All of the adjustments and cleaning tasks listed in the service specifications are also carried out if required. Any materials used (e.g. lubricant) are charged separately.

2. Full Service

This service package includes all of the services covered by the Full Service contracts for our Professional products (see above). Our reliable winter check is also included for self-service systems.

3. Full Service Plus

This service package includes all of the services covered by the Full Service Plus contracts for our Professional products (see above).


Safety, from which everyone benefits

The benefits of regular servicing go way beyond mandatory safety tests. Functional reliability and availability are important factors for the unrestricted fulfilment of contracts. Professional services, servicing and repairs together form the basis for modern safety, as required by modern cleaning service providers.

Service Inspection

Inspection checklist

Every Kärcher machine is tested point by point using a special inspection checklist. This ensures that all parts and functions are tested. The corresponding inspection record is included in the machine documents as evidence.


Kärcher inspection tags

Once it has undergone a safety inspection, the machine receives an official inspection tag as confirmation that the regulations for operational safety have been completely met.

Kärcher Fachpersonal

Inspections only by experts

Kärcher's service technicians are, without exception, professionally trained and skilled in using all Kärcher machines. Inspections, servicing and repairs are all carried out on-site. Regularly, carefully and reliably.


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