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Satisfies any requirement.

For us there is no typical customer. Because people are just as diverse as their circumstances and thus their cleaning requirements. That's why one thing remains paramount in everything we do: to offer you exactly what you need for your individual cleaning requirements.

We give you the necessary equipment – over 3,000 products. We talk to you – in over 700 Kärcher Centres. We are ready for action – always there when you need us. With over 50,000 sales and service outlets. In 70 countries and over 120 companies. And we give you the know-how and expertise that you need to achieve your goals – wherever we are in contact with you. Because we provide holistic support.

From ultra-high pressure to dry ice

Whether agriculture, the construction industry, the healthcare sector or facility management – every industry requires its own cleaning solution. For these individual requirements we offer modern cleaning technology. And provide the knowledge for successful implementation. Discover our extensive know-how for professional users.

From the high-pressure cleaner to the electric broom

We lend a helping hand to those who want to create a place to feel at home in. And with good, easy-to-handle products we turn exhausting tasks into easy jobs. Discover our useful cleaning and maintenance tips for the home and garden.

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Our Purpose.

Alfred Irene Kaercher

Innovative. From the outset.


Your task. Our solution.



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