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Success through partnership. The trend towards outsourcing of cleaning tasks among local authorities and companies continues. The prospects for cleaning service providers are therefore positive but they also face a number of challenges: dynamic competition, the pressures of rising costs and in addition new activities and procedures in cleaning. Good cleaning performance is no longer a guarantee of success. Efficiency and sustainability are decisive success factors, as well as the best management and a powerful, reliable partner. Kärcher, the world's market leader for cleaning technology.


Just right for every type of floor covering.

The floor coverings may vary but the task is the same: perfect cleaning and care of all hard or resilient floor coverings. The Kärcher system has an optimal solution for the deep cleaning, maintenance cleaning and care of all types of floor covering - dry or wet, by machine or with manual cleaning equipment. With ideally designed accessories and perfectly formulated cleaning agents. And the results are as perfect across the central area as at the edges. With all the possibilities and advantages that come from 75 years' experience as world leaders in cleaning technology.

Gebaeudedienstleister Bodenbelag
Gebaeudedienstleister Bodenbelag
Gebaeudedienstleister Bodenbelag

Mechanical, manual, individual.

Requirements for efficient cleaning are different in almost every case. Depending on the type of floor covering, the area, the degree of soiling and whether it is an indoor or outdoor location, factors such as hygiene regulations, work safety and environmental compatibility must be taken into account. More and more, the correct solution is a system that combines individual elements correctly matched.

The Kärcher System is a complete range of products and associated services from a single source, which can be combined to produce the best solution to practically any situation. And the deciding factor is not the range of elements available but the actual requirement. As your complete solution partner, Kärcher offers not everything it can, but everything that the system user needs.

Our products for hard surfaces

Extracting every last speck of dirt from the carpet.

Carpets in office buildings, hotels and schools are subject to heavy traffic everyday. Kärcher carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners and sweepers have been proving their worth for decades. These robust, powerful and versatile machines are designed for deep cleaning, intermediate cleaning and spot-cleaning carpets and for removing stains from textile surfaces. They also clean deep into the fibres of blinds, upholstery and car seats.

Gebaeudedienstleister Teppich
Gebaeudedienstleister Teppich
Gebaeudedienstleister Teppich

Our products for textile surfaces

Sanitary areas – cleans deep into joints and crevices.

Sanitary areas with non-slip coatings put especially demanding cleaning tasks onto the agenda. With limescale, skin grease and cosmetic residues found in baths, showers and changing rooms and, almost everywhere, textured floors or small areas where hygiene requirements are high: the prevention of germ transmission in these areas is crucial. The regular use of compact, efficient Kärcher cleaning machines ensures that floors are hygienically clean deep into joints and crevices.

Gebaeudedienstleister Sanitär
Gebaeudedienstleister Sanitär
Gebaeudedienstleister Sanitär

For visible success, every day.

Economy and hygiene are not mutually exclusive in cleaning, if it is approached systematically. Unsuitable cleaning agents or inadequate dosages will not achieve the required effect. Machines and manual machines that are too strong, too weak or not properly adjusted will cost more, even over the short term, than any apparent savings that they offer. With the Kärcher system, the cleaning professionals go for success in every respect. For safe application and reliable performance. For top quality and sophisticated functionality. For reliable service and maximum efficiency. And for everything that makes a difference: Kärcher.

Our products for sanitary facilities

Home-made cleanliness.

Hygiene is a 'must' in the kitchen and restaurant. For compliance reasons as well, there must be no room for doubt that hygiene is the top priority here. In this sensitive area, the Kärcher system offers everything for professional cleaning in the context of strict adherence to hygiene regulations. A comprehensive range of manual tools, powerful cleaning machines, accessories and cleaning agents is available for such purposes, so that everything from stainless steel surfaces to tiles and floors can be kept in an appealingly clean and hygienic condition.

Gebaeudedienstleister Küche
Gebaeudedienstleister Küche
Gebaeudedienstleister Küche

Effortless deep cleaning in hygiene-critical areas.

The SG 4/4 steam cleaner with VapoHydro cleans entirely without the use of chemicals and is therefore ideal for the food industry. Its 2-tank system and refined refill technology allows long cleaning intervals. VapoHydro allows precise adjustment of steam pressure and of steam saturation (steam or hot water jet). Even the most stubborn dirt doesn't stand a chance against the high temperatures and pressure of the SG 4/4. And mobile, compact scrubber driers are ideal for deep and maintenance cleaning of all hard surfaces in small kitchens and restaurants. These machines include long-proven technologies as well as some of the most innovative solutions, such as KART - Kärcher Advanced Response Technology - allowing them to be steered like a car.

Our products for kitchens and restaurants

Professionals for professionals for professionals.

When industry enters into a contract with a cleaning service provider, the latter, too, needs the right partner: a system provider who can offer everything and make everything possible. With machines for standard and specialist applications. Reliable technology that can deliver maximum power when required in order to remove stubborn dirt. Even under extreme operating conditions, and in action around the clock. Machines and accessories that are ergonomically constructed, easy to maintain and highly mobile. Embedded in a network that is flexible enough to cover everything.

Gebaeudedienstleister Industrie
Gebaeudedienstleister Industrie
Gebaeudedienstleister Industrie

Everything that industry needs.

Mobile and stationary high-pressure cleaning are essential applications in industry, be it the meat processing, automotive or chemicals sector. Just one single Kärcher high-pressure cleaning system can supply up to twelve users at different points of use with up to 12,000 l/h of high-pressure water. If the cleaning performance of conventional high-pressure cleaners is still not sufficient, the ultimate solution is Kärcher UHP. With hot water at up to 800 bar or cold water at up to 2,500 bar, these powerful ultra-high pressure cleaners are leading the way in the most demanding industrial applications, such as removing paints and coatings, cleaning tanks and pipes and even keying concrete. Often cleaning with water and steam is not an option, perhaps because of the risk of corrosion in the case of casting moulds, or because of the need to avoid leaving abraded residues. It is in these situations that powerful Kärcher dry ice blasters are deployed to very gently remove dirt from surfaces – using dry ice pellets as the abrasive medium.

Our products for industrial use

Unbeatably versatile.

As the inventor of the high-pressure cleaner, Kärcher offers a range of high-pressure cleaning products that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of technical refinement and scope of application – be it cold water or hot water units, powered by electric motor or combustion engine, mobile or stationary. With the same technological, quality and efficiency standards, Kärcher's sweepers and sweeper vacuums have proved themselves in exterior cleaning on various surfaces and terrains. Always the best machine for every requirement.

Gebaeudedienstleister Außen
Gebaeudedienstleister Außen
Gebaeudedienstleister Außen

The vehicle range for all year round.

Sweeping, wet cleaning, grassy areas and winter service – these are the four seasons for Kärcher's municipal vehicles. These implement carriers offer professionals high power and maximum efficiency, and are therefore ideal for year-round deployment. And when extraordinary tasks demand extraordinary solutions, the Kärcher system offers a whole alphabet of accessories: attachments that run from A for auger through F for front loader to Y for Y-distributor. What's more, you will also find practically any special solution you require.

Our products for outdoor use



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