Warranty and Repair

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Warranty conditions

The warranty period of the device is 12 or 24 months. The Buyer has the right to have a warranty service on a receipt or heading or cashier’s check (invoice) indicating the date of sale, with the full warranty stamp provided, with the trade organization’s stamp and the buyer’s signature confirming the warranty. In case of non-fulfillment of these conditions warranty service will not be provided. Warranty Repair – is a free set of operations related to the restoration of the work performed by the buyer. The buyer has the right to warranty the appliance throughout the warranty period if it is malfunctioning due to a defect in the material or assembly.

The warranty repair period is no longer than 30 working days.

In case of a factory defect being detected, the device will be replaced in no longer than 5 calendar days after its sale.

The user must take the repaired device in no longer than 30 calendar days, otherwise the service disclaims any responsibility for the equipment.

Warranty Conditions do not apply to accessories.

Buyer loses warranty repair privileges in following cases:

  •  If the malfunction is caused by mechanical damage during transportation and/or use, improper storage. If the product is heavily contaminated both internally and externally, including rust, calcium salts, internal accumulation of pollutant fractions, including those that occur during harvesting or are part of the equipment (ash, inkjet, nozzle, flywheel, filter elements). , Extension tubes, flexible hoses, angular jacks, irons, turbine boat, pump, valve, channel technological holes, etc.).
  • Going against operation manual rules (including overheating, over-load, improper use, the use of filter-bag category, if its use is necessary or recommended by the manufacturer, without the use of filter elements, which provides for the use of the design. The device operation improvements to do this, or not provided with accessories and consumables, such as detergents, which are not intended for this type of equipment).
  • In case of foreign objects, fluid, inside the device.
  • If malfunction is caused by unnecessary maintenance of technical service (replacement of lubricant, angular connection; cleaning or replacement of filter elements; battery service; replacement of sacks, shields, drive belts, etc.).
  • If normal wear and tear of component parts is caused by prolonged use and friction, pressure, bending, stretching, abrasive or external impacts, this is in accordance with the operating principle of the device (smooth, inkjet tube flushing, filter elements, extension tubes, flexible angles, Turbine, Pump, Valve, Channel Tech biological holes, etc.). Unequal depreciation of details does not entitle them to replacement in the absence of manufacturing defects.
  • Warranty obligations do not include works related to installation, commissioning, cleaning, planning and technical services, as well as preventive works, and are not carried out as specified in a separate agreement.
  • If malfunction is caused by unfavorable conditions such as: snow, rain, high humidity, aggressive environment, inadmissible low or high temperature.
  • If the device was operated after detection of the problem and was not eliminated.
  • If the merchandise was repaired by foreign organizations or subject to constructive changes.

Repairs at afixed price

Diagnosis of household appliances: 20 GEL

Repair: 25-35 GEL

Service Center Tbilisi - Akaki Beliashvili #53 Monday - Friday 09:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Service center Batumi - Luka Asatiani #51 Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Service center Kutaisi - Shota Rustaveli Ave. #96 Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

All information on our warranty conditions and prices can be received from our service managers by calling in our Service Centers: 0322380306 or sending an email to service@karcher.ge


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