Pipe cleaning

Pipe cleaning – the innovative system solution from Kärcher

Sometimes it is just one plughole that becomes blocked, but often it is an entire drainpipe. Given that household remedies are not usually up to the job, professional pipe cleaning from Kärcher can help.

How does pipe cleaning work?

Four backward-firing high-pressure jets move the hose smoothly through the pipe and clear the blockage. Continuous marking and marking ring show progress in the pipe. The flexible 15 m and 7.5 m long quality hoses are reinforced with textile braiding and have an extremely short brass nozzle for optimum ease of movement inside the pipe. The hose also features kink protection and a brass connector for a long service life.

When should pipe cleaning be carried out?

Unpleasant odours can begin to form, including in the bathroom, especially when there is something wrong with your drainpipes. The odour begins to form in the vicinity of the plughole, but can spread throughout the whole house. In the worst case, the pipes are so clogged that the water or waste water stops draining completely.



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