Every day is a day for big targets.

We love and live challenges – your challenges. Whether everyday or extraordinary cleaning projects, a courtyard entrance, factory hall or Mount Rushmore – at Kärcher we want to make your everyday life simpler, better and more pleasant with powerful, efficient cleaning solutions. And to help you achieve big results and move things forward. To create and receive value.

What drives us?

Our clear, simple innovation philosophy: innovation is what benefits people. We are perfectionists, always rethinking systems and designs. We have the courage to break new ground and the conviction to do things instead of just talking about them. This philosophy results in solutions with convincing performance, quality and handling that are one step ahead of the market. Because for us cleanliness is the best challenge in the world. This is what we work towards. Every day.

Corporate group.

Kärcher Futuretech

Kärcher Futuretech

Kärcher Futuretech GmbH in Schwaikheim develops, produces and sells modular products and system solutions worldwide for rapid, mobile deployment in disaster and crisis areas. The company provides systems in these product groups: water supply, mobile catering facilities, military camps and CBRN protection (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials).



Ringler GmbH in Waldstetten is a recognised supplier of high-performance vacuum cleaners for diverse industrial requirements. The company's product range includes mobile industrial vacuums, stationary suction systems with pipeline construction, as well as dust extraction systems. Ringler suction systems play an important role in production facilities cleaning, occupational safety, air pollution control and environmental protection.



WOMA GmbH in Duisburg is a renowned manufacturer of high-pressure plunger pumps, ultra-high pressure machines and water jet tools. The company boasts decades of experience in the development and manufacture of stationary and mobile high-pressure systems in the area of ultra-high pressure water jet cleaning and in industrial applications with operating pressures up to 4,000 bar.

Zoi TechCon GmbH


Zoi TechCon GmbH focuses on the use of new technologies in the enterprise environment. Everything that Zoi does involves software development and public cloud transformation. As a young employer in central Stuttgart, with sites in Berlin and Lisbon, Zoi inspires talented people from many countries and disciplines to solve the digital challenges facing global medium-sized companies and industry.



As a leading provider of diagnostic services, interpool Personal GmbH, an international HR management consultancy firm, specialises in the recruitment, development and selection of skilled workers, managers and trainees worldwide.

Service Partner One

SoniQ Services

SoniQ Services GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, offers a radically new digital system developed specifically for building service contractors. The technology platform embeds and connects the entire value chain and its participants digitally.This ensures the best possible service experience.

Kärcher New Venture

Kärcher New Venture

Kärcher New Venture brings people, ideas, business opportunities and capital together. As a strategic partner and investor, Kärcher New Venture enables innovative, dynamic founders to further develop their start-ups and shape the future cleaning industry in partnership with Kärcher.

Kärcher Municipal GmbH

Kärcher Municipal GmbH

Kärcher Municipal GmbH is a specialist unit within the Kärcher Group that targets municipalities, gardening and landscaping companies, and service providers. The new company is located in Reutlingen, where key functions such as administration, sales, product management, purchasing and development are based. The competence centre for the development of sweeping systems is located in Schwaikheim, near Winnenden.

Our guiding principles.

We establish partnerships through open dialogue with our customers. Our products and services provide optimal problem solving with a high customer benefit. Customers’ problems are solved quickly and flexibly.

We recognize that qualified and motivated employees who enjoy their job are a major success factor for Kärcher.

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All Kärcher’s relationships, internal and external, are governed by trust, loyalty, openness, fairness, reliability and mutual respect. We incorporate all the experience and knowledge available in the company by means of teamwork and an active exchange of information.

We offer cleaning systems, cleaning products and services for recreation, household, trade and industry with an optimum price-performance ratio.

Kärcher is an international company and regards itself as the benchmark. Our aim is to have the lead in market share, innovation, quality and image as well as to be the world’s market leader in each of our business segments.

As innovative leaders we are setting standards in technology, service and design to provide optimum benefits for our customers and to satisfy our customers’ requirements. Our innovations are convincing and fill our customers with enthusiasm.

The Kärcher brand is associated worldwide with top performance, innovation and quality. Our aim is to continuously strengthen our brand image.

Our suppliers are integrated into the value-added chain. We are working continuously together to improve manufacturing processes and optimize the level of in-house production. We guarantee competitiveness in quality and cost by our willingness to change and by our speed and flexibility.

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Kärcher takes on social responsibility: In all countries we respect the local values and standards, the human rights and the legal and social systems – in the sense of a good citizen.

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We create our products, services and processes in an environmentally-friendly manner. Wherever we operate, we meet environmental requirements and make responsible use of all resources at our disposal.

We will increase our earnings and financial strength by profitable growth. This will secure the existence and long-term development of our company. Our entrepreneurial conduct is based on the priority of maintaining our financial independence and decision-making freedom. Additionally, growth generated internally has priority over acquisitions.

The shareholders identify themselves with the company. Kärcher will remain a family-run company.

Facts and figures for the 2020 financial year

In 2020, Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG achieved a turnover of 2.721 billion euros, the highest in its history. The family-run company employs 13,500 staff in 130 companies across 73 countries. Over 50,000 service outlets all over the world ensure uninterrupted supply for customers across the globe. Innovation is the most important growth factor and has been an integral component of the corporate culture since the company’s foundation in 1935: approximately 90% of all products are five years old or younger. A total of more than 1,000 employees work in research and development at Kärcher.

Annual turnover and number of employees

Current holding of active patents and age of machines (note: 640 active patents)

Kärcher products are sold by 130 companies in 73 countries.

Kärcher cultural sponsorship: since 1980, over 150 monuments have been restored worldwide.


Your task. Our solution.

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Our major driving force: you.

Alfred Irene Kärcher

Innovative. From the outset.



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