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Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our products, repair service and warranty. If you do not find the answer you are looking for on the following page, please do not hesitate to contact us.

General questions and answers

You can find out which accessories match your machine by checking your operating instructions or our website. Please note: devices from the Home & Garden range are not compatible with machines from the Professional range.

Questions and answers on repairs and spare parts

Kärcher offers private customers a warranty on Home & Garden products of two years from the date of purchase, covering material and manufacturing defects. You must provide proof of purchase as proof of the warranty.

Please note that your warranty claim is not valid

  • if you do not use your machine for its intended purpose (for example, if you use a Home & Garden device for commercial purposes). 
  • if you open up your machine in order to carry out your own repairs.


  1. Package the faulty machine, including accessories, in a cardboard box.
  2. Enclose a brief description of the fault and a copy of the proof of purchase – this will allow us to check if a warranty or goodwill settlement is possible.
  3. Get in touch with our local partners:

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You can order all of the spare parts listed on the last page of the operating instructions from our trading partners.

For safety reasons, other parts can only be replaced by our trained service partners. Our service partners have access to the spare parts lists and can advise you on-site.

If you would like to replace a spare part listed in the operating instructions under the warranty, please send us an email with a brief description of the fault and proof of purchase. We will then assess whether a warranty settlement is possible.

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Questions and answers on products

Cordless electric brooms

Yes, the electric broom includes two brushes: one standard brush and one pet hair brush. Hair can be removed easily and hygienically from all floor coverings using the pet hair brush.

Charge the electric broom, making sure it is switched off, for at least 3½ hours. If the battery is still not charged after a charging time of 14 hours, please see one of our service partners or send us an email with a short description of the fault and proof of purchase.

Charge the battery and clean the brush to remove any dirt (threads, etc.)

Charge the battery, clean the brush by removing any dirt or replace the brush if it is worn out.

Check the rollers, clean them or, if necessary, replace them.

Steam cleaners/Ironing stations

You can use a steam cleaner with steam volume control (lowest level) to clean laminate or parquet flooring – provided it is not oiled or waxed! Use two cleaning cloths (= 4 layers) so that as little steam as possible comes into contact with the surface. Do not hold the nozzle in one place for a long time. Please make sure that no puddles form, as the residual moisture will then dry quickly and with streak-free results.

The steam cleaner can be used for many different cleaning tasks, for example, cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, crevices, drains, radiators and much more.

The temperature of the steam at the nozzle is around 100°C and around 84°C on the object being cleaned.

Every steam cleaner comes with two steam pipes as standard. The pipe can be easily extended with an additional pipe.

Demineralised water removes minerals from the boiler and damages it as a result. We therefore recommend using tap water. Please make sure to descale the device regularly.

Check the power cord and fuse, as well as the thermostat and pressure switch. Top up the water. If the water shortage light does not go off, contact us directly.

If the safety lock is stuck or spins round, allow the station to cool down and, if necessary, release the pressure by pulling the steam lever on the steam hose until the lock opens. If the lock cannot be opened in a cold state, contact us directly.

Descale the machine. If the heater is damaged, contact us directly.

The water shortage thermostat may be defective. contact us directly.

Switch the heating on, plug the steam iron in, check the switch on the steam iron and replace it if necessary. If the solenoid valve does not open, contact us directly.

Allow the ironing station to heat up fully, set the controller to steam stage and fill the water tank just up to ¾ full.

battery-powered Window Vacs

  • Pour all of the detergent concentrate supplied (20 ml) into the spray bottle supplied and fill it up with water. 
  • Depending on how dirty the windowpane is, you may have to clean it several times. The cleaning agent solution should not be allowed to dry on while you do this. 
  • Hold the window vac so that that the squeegee is perpendicular to the windowpane and do not use too much pressure. 
  • We also recommend that you clean the squeegee regularly, removing any dirt residues. The squeegee can be pulled out sideways. If the squeegee is worn, it should be replaced. 
  • Spray the windowpane so that it is moist all over.

Make sure that the dirty water tank is not too full, particularly if you are using the device in a horizontal position or above your head.

Charge the battery if the operating display is off or if it is flashing slowly. If the display is flashing quickly, please contact us directly.

Fill it up with detergent. If the pump mechanism is defective, please send us an email with a short description of the fault and proof of purchase.

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High-pressure cleaners

Depending on the model, Kärcher pressure washers for private use have a flow rate of between 230 and 600 l/h (around 3,500 litres of water flow through a garden hose every hour). Pressure washers are therefore easy on your budget as well as the environment.

In a pressure washer, an electrically powered pump raises the water pressure many times over to up to 150 bar. With this pressure, the water is conveyed through the high-pressure hose to a lance, where it is ejected as a sharp, concentrated jet from a nozzle, creating enormous cleaning power. If the spray gun is not activated, the pump will switch off automatically. A pressure washer allows you to carry out your cleaning tasks even more quickly than with conventional methods while also using less water.

Yes, you should use a suction hose with filter for this (part number: 4.400-238.0). Attach the suction hose to the water infeed on the device. Insert the other end into the water butt. Connect the high-pressure hose to the device. Before switching on the device, remove the steel pipe from the spray gun. Press the lever on the spray gun so that this is open and switch the device on. This will allow the air inside the device to escape gently as the pressure washer starts to draw in the water. The device should not be any more than 0.5 m above the point of use.

  • Simply spray the vehicle down with high pressure to remove coarse dirt. 
  • Use the cleaning agent RM 555 for a more thorough clean. The cleaning agent is applied gently onto the vehicle in low pressure. 
  • You can also use a wash brush.

Kärcher cleaning agents are specially formulated for our devices. Your warranty will no longer be valid if you use cleaning agents other than those supplied by Kärcher.

The backflow preventer prevents detergent from getting into the drinking water.

T 250 surface cleaner can be used for all devices from classes 2 to 7. T 400 surface cleaner is only suitable for devices in classes K5 to K7.

  • Connect the device to the water supply and turn on the tap.
  • Remove the filter from the water inlet and clean it. 
  • Switch the pressure washer on without the steel pipe and allow it to run until there is no more air coming out of the spray gun. 
  • Check whether you are using the right accessories. 
  • If the pressure and suction valves are leaking and there is water coming out of the casing, or if the device is throbbing, please contact us directly. 
  • If the overflow valve is stuck, please contact us directly.
  • Clean the nozzle insert. 
  • Check if you are using the right nozzle. 
  • Check if there is enough water coming out.
  • Check the power supply and mains fuse. 
  • Check the main switch and spray gun. 
  • For extension cables of 10 m or longer, the diameter must be at least 2.5 mm². 
  • Completely unwind the cable drum.

In the following cases, please  contact us directly:

  • The pressure switch or control pistons are stuck 
  • The motor is overheating 
  • The main switch is faulty 


  • Fill up the cleaning agent container. 
  • Rinse out the vacuum filter with fresh water and clean it. Once you have finished cleaning with cleaning agent, you should rinse the device out with fresh water to prevent the filter from clogging up. 
  • Check the suction hose for damage. 
  • Take the cleaning agent hose on the device and, using a thin object, push back the valve on the hose nipple so that it moves smoothly. 
  • Start the flow and set to low pressure.

Watch the video to find out how you can make your high-pressure cleaner winter-proof.

> Video


If the roller or brush is worn out, they must be replaced. If the brush roller drive is worn out, please  contact us directly.

Check that the sealing lip and seal on the waste container are still in good condition and replace if necessary.

Check that the roller brush is set to the correct height: only the tips of the bristles should be touching the floor. If the height adjustment or wheel drive is defective, please consult one of our service partners or contact us directly.

Multi-purpose vacs

You can use a multi-purpose vac for individual dry leaves, but not for large quantities of leaves. Hard or wet leaves can quickly lead to blockages in the suction hose or container inlet.

Level 2 is only used for operating power tools. The vacuum cleaner starts when the power tool is switched on and stays on for around 15-20 seconds after the power tool has been switched off.

Check that the suction hose is inserted properly and that there are no defects. Check that the filter is in place and that it is not defective. Use a filter bag.

Replace the filter bag, clean the cartridge filter/flat pleated filter, nozzle, suction pipe and suction hose. Replace the seals if necessary.

The device switches itself off when the dirt receptacle is too full. If the filling level probe and casing are wet, this can cause a moisture path to form. Allow the device to dry out and clean the filling level probe.

Check the fuse and socket and check the cord and plug for any damage. If the power switch, carbon brush or power outlet are defective, please contact us directly.

Remove the cartridge filter and empty the container. If there is water in the cartridge filter, allow this to dry.

Check the power outlet and please contact us directly.


The capacity depends on the delivery height and on the other equipment connected to the pump. Observe the maximum delivery height.

  • Fill the pump with water before operation and press the ventilation button. 
  • Pull out the mains plug and clean the suction line. 
  • Pull out the mains plug and clean the prefilter.
  • Check the fuse and electrical connections. 
  • If the thermal protection switch has been triggered as a result of overheating, pull out the mains plug, allow the pump to cool, clean the suction area and avoid dry running. 
  • Pull out the mains plug and clean the suction area. 
  • Check the flow meter in the suction area.

Pull out the mains plug and clean the suction area.

Vacuum cleaners

Check the fuse and power outlet. If necessary, contact us directly.

  • Remove any blockages from the suction nozzle, suction pipe, handle and suction hose. 
  • Replace the paper filter bag. 
  • Replace the seals.

Make sure that the filter bag is correctly inserted. If the filter bag is damaged, replace it.

Check the HEPA filter, suction nozzle, suction pipe, filter bag and motor protection filter for blockages.

Replace the batteries if necessary. Establish a line of sight between the transmitter and receiver by pointing the bend of the handle towards the vacuum cleaner.

Spray extraction cleaners

  • If the cord/plug or power switch are defective
  • Check the fuse in the electrical socket. 
  • If the carbon brushes or suction turbine are defective, please contact us directly.
  • Remove any blockages from the suction nozzle, suction pipe, handle or suction hose.
  • Replace the seals in the vacuum system if they are not airtight. 
  • Empty the dirty water tank. 
  • Ensure that the transparent lid is fitted correctly.

The machine switches itself off during wet vacuum cleaning when the water level in the container is too high. Switch the machine off and empty the container.

  • Blockage in paper filter bag, flat pleated filter, nozzle, suction pipe or suction hose ("full" indicator is red). 
  • Flat pleated filter is missing or is not inserted correctly.

Ensure that the suction hose is attached correctly and that the flat pleated filter is fitted correctly or replace it if necessary.

  • Fill the fresh water tank. 
  • Clean or, if necessary, replace the float switch. 
  • Clean the water hose/nozzle.
  • Clean the vacuum filter in the fresh water tank. 
  • If the water pump is defective, please contact us directly.



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