Safe chemical processes

The chemicals industry works with a variety of aggressive solid substances and corrosive liquids, which are often explosive and hazardous. The safe suction of such substances is a challenging task and requires extremely reliably solutions.

Kärcher IVC 60/24 2


  • Cleaning machines and workstations, particularly suctioning and vacuuming (aggressive) chemical products such as fertilisers, pigment powder, water, detergents, etc.
  • Vacuuming dust from production processes, e.g. during the filling of mixing plants


  • Various vacuuming jobs for dirt from food, dust (explosive, free-flying, adhesive, wet), greases, oils, proteins, liquids
  • Preventing the risk of dust explosions
  • Ruling out cross-contamination, bacterial contamination, changes in taste


  • Production processes are kept clean and downtimes are minimised
  • Reliable suction of explosive dust by machines with ATEX certification
  • Durable, reliable, compact and economical solutions
  • Effective filters and filter cleaning