Vacuuming in metal processing

The metalworking industry, from metallurgy to metal working industry through to the automotive sector, is a core industry with advanced processes. In metal processing large amounts of abrasive swarf are generated mixed with cooling lubricants. The cleaning of workpieces as well as machine tools, also during the process, comprises important tasks which have a significant influence on the efficiency and economy. With our vacuuming solutions you get optimal process reliability and quality assurance.

Kärcher IVC 60/30


  • Vacuuming swarf and liquids in all machining processes such as milling, turning, drilling, grinding, deburring or scrubbing
  • Maintenance, workpiece and machine cleaning
  • Continuous vacuuming of processing machines during the process


  • Contamination of processing machines from (sharp-edged) swarf, grinding and paint dust, slag, combustible dust, cooling lubricants and emulsions
  • Separation of swarf and cooling lubricants


  • Production processes are kept clean
  • Downtimes are minimised
  • Longer service life of processing machines
  • Increase in production accuracy
  • Increase in process reliability and occupational safety
  • Reliable separation of swarf and liquids
  • Durable and robust solutions
  • Continuous operation and short cleaning times thanks to high suction power