Municipal sweepers

For professional continuous use on large cars parks, exhibition grounds and industrial areas. Advanced and efficient Kärcher technology ensures reliable results.

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Typical uses for sweepers from Kärcher

Our sweepers can always be used when streets and surfaces need to be efficiently cleaned. Throughout the entire year, there are typical sweeping operations that have to be driven by municipalities, service-providers and property-owners.

Kärcher Municipal sweepers

Sweeping away grit after winter

Winter ends and municipalities, service-providers and private individuals want to remove any traces of it. Grit and salt residues must be removed from paths, parking bays or roadsides. Our street sweepers efficiently sweep corners and narrow sections, and guarantee a perfect spring clean.

MC 130 sweeper sweeping leaves outdoors

Sweeping leaves in autumn

In autumn, leaves and small branches fall to the ground and quickly form obstacles on streets and paths if they are not removed. To reduce the risk of slipping for cyclists and pedestrians and to clear streets, leaves must be swept regularly in autumn. Ride-on sweepers with a large waste container allow for efficient cleaning applications.

MC 250 carrying out maintenance cleaning in front of the stadium all year round

Year-round maintenance cleaning

Rubbish, leaves and dirt on streets, paths and open spaces must be cleared throughout the entire year in order to maintain an attractive streetscape. Regular sweeping operations prevent rubbish from collecting in public spaces and on private premises.

MC 130 removes heavy dirt in the outside area

Removing heavy dirt

Some dirt can only be removed using wet cleaning. Heavily soiled surfaces are intensively yet gently cleaned using a washing system or a high-pressure cleaner. Construction site access roads, industrial surfaces or marketplaces – washing systems effectively remove stubborn dirt from delicate floor coverings.

Fine-dust control in city centres using the efficient MC 130 sweeper

Fine-dust control in city centres

The fine-dust pollution that is caused by exhaust emissions, brake and tyre wear is becoming an ever greater problem in city centres and at busy road junctions. Some municipalities rely on night-time washing carried out by their street-cleaners in order to remove fine dust from the streets with their machines and comply with limit values. Wet-cleaning systems bind the dust and, in doing so, clean gently and effectively.

A worker uses the MC 250 to disinfect a bus stop

Disinfection of outdoor areas

In times in which disinfection plays a central role in safeguarding the societal well-being, cleaning systems with hot water are making a valuable contribution to general hygiene. With the correct application of hot water and water steam, up to 99.999% of enveloped viruses, such as coronaviruses or influenza viruses, and 99.99% of typical household bacteria can be removed from hard surfaces.

For which use are sweeping and cleaning functions suitable?

With our municipal sweepers, various functions can be implemented, depending on the purpose of use. Whether a simple ride-on sweeper for independent sweeping, a sweeper with suction, or street-cleaning machines for wet cleaning – as a versatile municipal vehicle professional, we offer numerous functions for street cleaning.

What can municipal sweepers do?

Sweeping at the highest level – with 26 PS to 156 PS, municipal sweepers from Kärcher offer outstanding performance for every purpose and impress thanks to their excellent sweeping and cleaning results. The waste volume ranges from 1 cubic metre for compact machines, to 6 cubic metres for the high-performance sweeper. Comfortable driver cabins, ergonomic driver's seats and adjustable steering columns make it possible to work for long periods without fatigue.

Vacuum sweepers

A combination of sweeping and vacuuming means that streets and paths are thoroughly cleaned. The brushes are wetted with water in order to effectively loosen dirt and bind dust. On the sweeper with suction, the damp dirt that is swept together from open spaces and streets is drawn in through the wide suction mouth in the catch pan. The dirt settles here, while the water that is also drawn in is transferred back into the water circulation system and reused by the vacuum sweeper.

The benefits are:

  • Long sweeping operations thanks to the water circulation system
  • Effective cleaning
  • Can also be used in the rain – excess water can be drained away

Sweeping vehicle for independent sweeping

With independent sweeping, dirt is easily swept up on both sides of the street sweeper, a path is kept clear, a surface is cleaned quickly. This can take place with or without the waste pick-up. During independent sweeping with waste pick-up, the swept-up dirt is mechanically conveyed to the catch pan. The independent sweeping guarantees effective deep cleaning, particularly in the case of loose dirt, such as grit.

The benefits are:

  • Attractive purchase price
  • Few wear parts – advantageous when it comes to maintenance
  • No disposal costs for waste
  • Simple operation

No sweeper without brushes

The brush systems for our sweeping machines have lots to offer when it comes to the art of engineering. You decide whether you require two or three brushes – thanks to functions such as the individual brush control, brush relief, electrical coarse dirt flap and hydraulic angle adjustment, an optimum cleaning result is guaranteed while brush wear on your street-cleaning machine is kept low.

Sweeper with two-brush system cleans a stone floor

Sweeper with two-brush system

In addition to regular sweeping in street cleaning, sweepers with two brushes allow for residue-free sweeping of parking spaces and narrow streets in particular. The swivelling brushes on the street-cleaning machine can be moved close to the kerb or building wall, and therefore guarantee particularly thorough cleaning. Furthermore, they stand out thanks to their simple operation and low wear costs.

Sweeper with three-brush system cleans a park

Sweeper with three-brush system

On the three-brush system, the front sweeper is equipped with three swivelling brushes. The third brush is used, for example, as a weed brush or facilitates the sweeping of niches. It allows the street-cleaning vehicle to sweep evenly, even at different levels. You can therefore sweep the pavement while the sweeper drives right up to the edge of the street to clean the street and also removes dirt from there.

Precise sweeping performance thanks to individual brush control

Individual brush control – brush relief

The individual brush control allows for the simultaneous or individual lowering of the cleaning brushes. It also allows sweepers with two-brush systems to effectively clean tricky street corners, tight bends and roundabouts. Many applications for which a third brush would otherwise be required can therefore also be implemented using a two-brush system. The intuitive operation of the sweeper brushes also permits the correct sweeping width setting, depending on the waste, as well as the brush relief for optimal support of the brushes with minimal wear.

Close-up view of the two-brush system on a sweeper

Start-up protection protects the brushes

The start-up protection prevents damage to the brushes on our street sweepers, especially when working right up to the edge. A leaf spring and a pressure tank allow the drum on the sweeper to avoid kerbs and building walls. The pressure tank allows the brush arm to be guided back into the starting position as soon as it has passed the obstacle. This allows for damage-free sweeping of niches, pavements or tight bends, while still working right up to the edge.


Our MC 250 showcases the best in sweeping performance, comfort and environmental protection.

The new MC 250 municipal sweeper

Multifunction at its finest

Whether on streets, paths or lawns, whether in pedestrian zones, stadiums or parks, whether in lines or rows: system equipment from Kärcher Municipal is designed for professional use under the toughest conditions and can cope with a wide range of applications at the highest level.

Municipal machine with implements, application-optimised solutions for all-round use