After-sales service/Service engineer request

With over 100 of our own customer service technicians, we provide expert service on-site. Our customer service team will be happy to provide quick, straightforward assistance if you have any questions or would like to report a fault.

Karcher Philippines Service

After-sales service/Service engineer request

In addition to your contact details and details of the machine's location, we also need the following information to ensure that our technicians are as prepared as possible when they arrive to deal with your problem:

  • precise description of the machine, with material and serial number
  • type of fault
  • the suspected cause, if possible

You can find the material and serial number either on our service sticker, the hotline sticker or type plate. These are affixed to the machine in a clearly visible location. You can find the machine designation on the machine itself or on the type plate. Depending on the unit type, you will find the type plate on the rear, underside or inside the machine.