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The future is connected.

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The future of cleaning is now.

Discover the world of connected cleaning. Are you ready? With Connected Cleaning, we are developing a digital product portfolio in which all of the components work seamlessly together. As the first step towards this goal, we are combining two fantastic digital products, Kärcher Fleet and Kärcher Manage, into one platform.

United in one piece of software, these modules generate effective synergies: manual cleaning and machines, locations of use, use planning, reporting and services – the whole infrastructure for your cleaning fleet. The future possibilities of connected cleaning are almost limitless. Imagine your cleaning plan running autonomously, tailored to the current weather conditions and the number of people on each floor as reported by water dispensers or lifts. And what if cleaning agents were automatically ordered and delivered according to need once they ran out? We are constantly working towards achieving services such as this, and many more besides.

We are ready. Why not join us?

The Kärcher System represents a decisive step towards a connected future. We are convinced that with Kärcher Fleet and Kärcher Manage, we are giving you the ideal tools for the transition from current working practices to the digitisation of cleaning technology.

The best introduction to connected cleaning is our total solution for mechanical and manual cleaning. The products Kärcher Fleet and Kärcher Manage combined within this can, however, be used separately. Both products are designed to be stand-alone and work just as well individually as they do together. They always work on the same interface and with just one login. This means that you have easy access to the central overview. The combination of Kärcher Fleet and Kärcher Manage offers real added value when it comes to implementing your tasks and activities. Take the first step into the world of digitised cleaning and see for yourself how quickly you can turn hidden potential into savings.

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You are in control.

There is a lot that Connected Cleaning will make easier for you and a lot that it will take off your hands. But there is one thing that it will not take away from you: the ability to make your own decisions. Kärcher Fleet also follows this principle.


The professional, pioneering fleet management solution Kärcher Fleet provides a complete overview of your machines and cleaning activities. Kärcher Fleet makes cleaning processes much more transparent and efficient. The result is smooth workflows and attractive cost savings. The BR 45/22 C, B 40 C/W, B 60 W, B 80 W, B 120 W, B 95 RS, BD 50/70 R, B 150 R, B 200 R, B 250 R scrubber driers are fitted with a telematics control unit (TCU), the technological basis for Connected Cleaning, ex-works. Older Kärcher machines and third-party products can be retrofitted without any hassle. The TCU records specific machine data and transmits this to the cloud-based Kärcher Data Management System. With your customer login, you can then access your prepared data worldwide via the Fleet web portal. Each machine is assigned automatically to your account – and you do not have to worry about a thing. Get started now in the age of digital cleaning. You can get your first taster from your sales adviser.

The advantages and opportunities offered by Kärcher Fleet will inspire you:

  • Optimised use planning and efficiency review
  • If work is begun late you receive a message on your smartphone
  • Continuous monitoring of machine status
  • Alarms in the event a machine fails
  • Evaluation of machine runtimes
  • Quick or automatic service requests (if activated)
  • Theft protection with geofencing
  • Optimisation of fleet, costs and quality

You can find all of the information on the advantages and opportunities in the Kärcher Fleet area. You can also download the current Fleet brochure from here.


Successful Management

You manage your business. We provide all the information you need. With Kärcher Manage, you have an overview of your manual cleaning activities.

Kärcher Manage has evolved from the well-known ECO!Manager, which gives you a complete and up-to-date overview any time, anywhere of cleaning activities, working hours, checks (and soon also damage to the building), costs of individual cleaning activities, and cleaning equipment. All relevant data are transferred online and are then immediately available. Manual cleaning has never been more transparent.

Evolution means change and development. At the end of these evolutionary stages, Kärcher Manage now has a much more intuitive interface, significantly reduced building preparation and automatic transfer of the scanner data.

The advantages and opportunities offered by Kärcher Manage will inspire you:

  • Analysis and reporting of cleaning times
  • Fast, precise documentation using individual barcodes
  • Optimisation of cleaning processes
  • Easy web portal access for building and branch managers
  • Efficient quality control with the Kärcher Manage app
  • Manual documentation is eliminated with electronic data recording
  • Easy assignment of cleaning personnel to buildings
  • Handy, robust scanners for recording data
  • Manage docking station: automatic data transfer and simultaneous charging of up to 10 USB scanners

You can find all of the information on the advantages and opportunities in the Kärcher Manage area:

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How do you want to work in the future?

Anything is possible. All you have to do is let us know. As you know, we are always ready to listen to what our customers want. And by doing so, we always find exactly the products and solutions you need to work and to succeed. Connected Cleaning is no different. As with all elements of the Kärcher System, we want to meet your requests and requirements as specifically as possible so that we can continue to develop Connected Cleaning. Your experiences, suggestions and ideas are always welcome.



If you would like to find out more about our innovative solution, please do not hesitate to contact us:



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