Reception offers the first impression into your business, for both staff and visitors. It is therefore important that receptions look clean and professional.

TIP: It is important to remember that cleaning has to be carried out before disinfecting.

It is important to remember that cleaning has to be carried out before the disinfection process can occur. Cleaning by using water and detergent is an effective process to remove impurities such as dust and dirt; once the area has been cleaned disinfection can take place. Disinfection is a process that reduces the number of pathogenic micro-organisms through destruction or deactivation, by reducing the number of harmful micro-organisms surfaces are left hygienically clean.

Always use personal protective equipment PPE when carrying out cleaning tasks - disposable gloves and aprons as a minimum.
Always use detergent, sanitizer or disinfectant as directed by the label.



Reception Desks

These are often a critical touch point area, visitors and staff come into the reception are to sign in and out. It is important to keep counter tops clean and germ free, using microfibre cloths and detergent, sanitiser or disinfectant, thoroughly cleaning these surfaces helps to reduce the transmission of bacteria.


Reception Entrances

Often these areas are subject to high flows of foot traffic, if they aren't cleaned regularly they risk quickly becoming a breeding ground. Carpets and flooring can easily become soiled, it is important to maintenance clean these areas daily to remove debris build up. Surfaces can be subject to air born bacteria and germs, people coughing and sneezing as they walk by can contaminate surfaces through the droplets expelled into the air, if these surfaces and potential touch points are not sanitised frequently germs and bacteria can easily be spread.


Stairs and hand rails

Hand rails on stairways are a hygiene critical contact point, often handrails are forgotten about during daily cleaning activities. It is important that even those hard to see areas are thoroughly cleaned to stop the spread of bacteria. Use a microfibre cloth and detergent, sanitiser or disinfectant to clean hand rails, by sanitising these key touch points the potential transmission of germs and bacteria is reduced.

Key touch points to consider

Reception desk, door handles, switches, tables, hand rails, coffee/tea machines, armrests, chairs and water dispensers

Suggested Machines

A Compact Scrubber Dryer is the recommended cleaning machine for these areas, they allow you to quickly and efficiently clean high footfall areas, they are compact and are easy to use.



Leave no room for doubt in an area where hygiene should be the number one priority.



Staying on top of cleaning to prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria is crucial in these areas.



Offices are highly exposed areas with high footfall making them vulnerable to dirt build-up and cross contamination.



In public areas where there is a high footfall such as canteens, corridors, communal areas and public employee break areas.