Municipal application solutions

Our application solutions for the municipal area provide the right solution for every need and for every season – whether ice and snow, green area maintenance or special applications, as well as sweeping and vacuuming.

Kärcher Municipal machine being used in the snow

Winter service

The complete programme for tackling ice and snow – our robust, reliable and powerful winter service vehicles with up to 129 PS (95 kW) pave the way.

Wide range of applications in winter service

Whether milling, clearing or sweeping snow, whether sand, grit or brine has to be spread – you can rely on our strong, compact and manoeuvrable implement carriers in all weather conditions. Thanks to the permanent all-wheel drive and the equal-sized four wheels, the traction is outstanding, even in wintry conditions. The load limit control is particularly effective when snow throwing: it ensures that the driving speed is automatically adapted to the decrease in performance on the front implement.

To ensure that the driver can work to their full potential in minus temperatures too, the comfort cabin has optimal heat insulation, powerful heating systems and winter-proof equipment features, such as heated seats, air conditioning or heated windscreen and exterior mirror.

MIC 84 clears away snow

Wide range of applications in winter service


  • Clearing snow

  • Throwing snow

  • Sweeping snow

  • Loading snow

  • Spreading (with mounted, box or funnel spreader)

  • Spray brine

  • Scraping ice

  • Marking tracks for cross-country skiing trails

Green area maintenance

Versatile, flexible green area maintenance that protects the ground? The multifunctional Kärcher Municipal vehicles mow and maintain at the highest level.

Green light for efficient maintenance

Is it extensive, is it steep, is it cramped? It doesn't matter: a Holder or Kärcher municipal vehicle is ideal for lawn care and regeneration, as well as hedge and embankment maintenance. Flexible connection and mounting options, its climbing ability and manoeuvrability, as well as the high area performance, all open up virtually unlimited potential applications as a mowing vehicle and for green area maintenance.

Four equal-sized wheels guarantee optimum traction with the greatest possible protection of the ground; on models with articulated steering, the minimal turning circle and lane driving make your work easier. Green areas of all kinds can therefore be quickly and effectively processed to the highest quality, even in areas that are difficult to access. At the same time, the multifunctional implement carrier guarantees fast and easy removal of the cuttings, and therefore guarantees a continuous disposal chain. Thanks to the air-conditioning system and the spacious comfort work station, the driver keeps a cool head, even in summer temperatures.

MIC 42 in use for green area maintenance

A wide range of applications in green area maintenance


  • Mowing

  • with sickle-, large-area, cylinder or side reach arm mowers

  • Mowing suction

  • Mulching

  • Cutting hedges

  • Watering


Sweeping and cleaning

Optimum sweeping and cleaning results with the best-possible flexibility – the cleaning professionals at Kärcher and Holder are impressive on the job thanks to their efficiency and manoeuvrability.

Our cleaning vehicles sweep, vacuum and wash anywhere where they are used

The manoeuvrability, easy handling and perfect all-round view of our street sweepers create the best conditions for efficient and comfortable work. For cleaning, from parking bays right though to large surfaces, Kärcher Municipal offers various sweepers that, with their high suction power and additional equipment options, such as high container emptying, large filling volume, high-pressure lance, watering arm and mowing-suction combination, perfect your working results.

Whether you want to sweep leaves, wash away dirt or clean with high pressure: with one of our cleaning machines, you are guaranteed premium quality and optimum results.

MIC 34C cleaning an urban space

A wide range of applications in cleaning


  • Sweep vacuuming

  • Independent sweeping

  • Removing leaves

  • Washing

  • High-pressure cleaning

  • Cleaning artificial turf

  • Weed removal

  • Disinfection


Vacuum sweepers

A combination of sweeping and vacuuming means that streets and paths are thoroughly cleaned. The brushes are wetted with water in order to effectively loosen dirt and bind dust. On the sweeper with suction, the damp dirt that is swept together from open spaces and streets is drawn in through the wide suction mouth in the catch pan. The dirt settles here, while the water that is also drawn in is transferred back into the water circulation system and reused by the vacuum sweeper.

The benefits are:

  • Long sweeping operations thanks to the water circulation system
  • Effective cleaning
  • Can also be used in the rain – excess water can be drained away

Sweeping vehicle for independent sweeping

With independent sweeping, dirt is easily swept up on both sides of the street sweeper, a path is kept clear, a surface is cleaned quickly. This can take place with or without the waste pick-up. During independent sweeping with waste pick-up, the swept-up dirt is mechanically conveyed to the catch pan. The independent sweeping guarantees effective deep cleaning, particularly in the case of loose dirt, such as grit.

The benefits are:

  • Attractive purchase price
  • Few wear parts – advantageous when it comes to maintenance
  • No disposal costs for waste
  • Simple operation
Municipal sweepers

Washing system

From a large water tank, water is sprayed on streets, paths or open spaces via the cleaning vehicle's washing boom. Stubborn dirt is gently loosened, and dust and fine dust are bound with the water. A high-pressure lance is also available for manual use. Even delicate surfaces can be cleaned quickly and effectively with the washing system.

The benefits are:

  • Less time spent
  • Lower costs
  • Optimal working result

High-pressure cleaning system with suction

The high-pressure cleaning system works with a swivelling cleaning hood, which is mounted on the vehicle's front attachment area. Two rotating spray arms are located below this. Dirt is gently and effectively loosened by using fresh water and distributing this on squares and pathways with a water pressure of 250 bar. As an option, water with a temperature up to 90 °C can also be used. To leave spotless results, a dirty-water suction can also be installed.

The benefits are:

  • Optimal result, even on the most stubborn dirt
  • Total cleaning width of 2300 mm possible
  • Also cleans delicate surfaces, such as marble squares in historical old towns, Tartan Track®, and many others.

Weed removal with hot water

The hot-water weed-removal system offers the possibility to remove unwanted weeds in a way that is just as thorough as it is environmentally friendly, and which does not use any chemicals. The extremely compact design and independence from any external water or power supply mean that it can also be used in very remote areas as well as on paths, in parks or in inner-city areas. The weed is tackled with 98 °C hot water – by machine using the mounted front beam or manually using the hand lance.

Other applications that are part of everyday municipal work activities are also possible:

  • High-pressure cleaning with cold or hot water
  • Watering beds, shrubs and trees in green areas
  • Removal of chewing gum residues from all hard ground surfaces

Disinfection with hot water

The risk of infection caused by germs is reduced considerably in a clean, well-kept environment that is regularly cleaned. Surfaces are no longer breeding grounds for germs, bacteria or viruses. Germs are also eliminated in areas that are difficult to access. On the basis of the current state of knowledge, enveloped viruses, such as coronaviruses or influenza viruses, are rendered harmless at a temperature of 56 °C – experts also refer to this as virus inactivation. With a contact time of precisely 30 seconds with the hand nozzle, the high temperatures of the cleaner are sufficient for killing off enveloped viruses on hard surfaces and therefore thoroughly cleaning outdoor areas.

Weed removal

The powerful municipal vehicles from Kärcher Municipal offer a wide range of applications for effectively and efficiently removing weeds.

Simply get to the root of the problem – weed removal with Kärcher Municipal vehicles

Due to the legal requirements, chemical-free weed removal has developed in recent years to become an increasingly important field of activity for many municipalities and service-providers.

Parking spaces, cemeteries, public spaces and bus stops, but also barn floors, sports fields and tennis courts, as well as harbour or shore areas of various rivers and seas – all of these must be kept free of weeds.

Chemical-free weed removal using the WRS 200 weed-removal system from Kärcher

The WRS 200 hot-water weed-removal system from Kärcher offers municipalities and service-providers the possibility to remove unwanted weeds in a way that is just as thorough as it is environmentally friendly and, from a long-term perspective, is the most economical approach, with only approx. four treatments required per year.

The extremely compact design and independence from any external water or power supply mean that it can also be used in very remote areas as well as on paths, in parks or in inner-city areas. The weed is tackled with 98 °C hot water – by machine using the mounted front beam or manually using the hand lance.

Applications in weed removal

The growth of weeds is just as diverse as the options for easily removing these using our municipal vehicles – regardless of whether hot water, burners, hot air, foam or mechanical solutions are used.

MIC 34 being used with the spray attachment


  • Hot-water weed removal

  • Mechanical methods (for example, weed brush)

  • Flame devices

  • Infrared radiation

  • High steam pressure

  • Hot air

  • Hot foam

Your special application is our area of expertise

Covering everything from asphalt milling, to for road/rail technology – the wide range of vehicles and attachments guarantees the right solution for every task.

Is the usual not enough for you?

No matter what your requirements are, you will find the right solution at Kärcher Municipal. With our wide selection of system vehicles and the varied range offered by our implement partners, we have a solution ready for every task. Since we manufacture exclusively to order, we can already offer you hundreds of configuration options as standard. And if the right solution is not yet available, our team of experienced engineers will come up with a customised special development for you.

The scope of our unique range of special solutions

  • Asphalt milling

  • Cleaning guide posts and street signs

  • Crawler chassis

  • Decontamination of chicken farms

  • Cherry pickers

  • Rail/road technology

  • Gully cleaning 

  • Cleaning and maintaining solar plants

  • Skip loaders

  • Waste collection containers

  • Stump grinders

  • Wood mulchers

  • Tunnel cleaning

  • Loading crane

  • Road marking